Raft Research

By Ryan Hadley

Summery 1

at the beginning, Robie lives on Midway where a lot of biologist live. She visits her aunt every so often. She goes to her aunts but she has to go for a week. Her aunt makes her friend come check on her but her friends car car broke down so she cant for the week. Robie is know alone she goes to McDonalds for diner by herself but she gets attacked by a man. She know wants to home so she gets on a plain but it goes down in the middle of the ocean. but she has a person named Max go down with her on a inflatable raft.

Summery 2

So know They are stuck in the middle of the ocean on a raft. She has no food or water she finds a little bag on the raft labeled "costal commander" She finds flash light a bailer 4 flairs and a first aid kit. She uses that to heal Max's cut on his head because of the crash. the raft starts to take in to much water she uses the bailer to keep it at bay, but that does not work enough to keep it empty she ties up Max who is uncontsihse to the side so she can get the water out but after that she falls a sleep and she wakes up and max is not there she know notices a ditty bag that was under Max she opens it and finds skittles a journal and some survival at sea cards. she eats some of the skittles she look at the cards and finds them useless at the time. She reads the journal finds some stuff about Max. Max out of know where from the sea grabs her arm. He is know back. She looks back at the cards and finds some stuff on how to get food she uses these skill and caught two fish. Then she see an island and she notices there is a reef the current pull her to it and hits it.

Summery 3

She lands on the island her head hurts and she has a swollen eye. She looks around for Max she finds hem sitting next to the ripped half of the raft. She goes to the top of the highest sand dune the island has and starts to make a signal fire. there are rusted lighters every where she is going to try to sue them for the fire. She sees a life vest she swims for it but notices a dead body in it she goes back to the island a thinks about getting the life vest she goes for it but a tiger shark takes it up that is when she breaks down and says Max was never real he was gone sense the second day she pushed him over the raft. she sees a bout she start her signal fore the boat is a expedition boat and is visting island and she happens to be one it vists and she is rescued she lived for ten days.

Self connections

1. The plain crashing in the ocean made me think about the one that crashed in the Indian ocean.

2. Her staying in the apartment reminded me the one time my sister and my parents were visiting a collage in Wilmington and we stayed at a hotel i stayed there all day by my self.

3.Her getting hit by the reef reminded me of this one survival show

4. the entire book reminds me of the cay book.

5.Midway reminds me of what i want my future job to be a marine biologist.

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