Whats a Digital Foodprint?

Nai'ye DeDeaux

What does "Digital Footprint" mean?

A digital footprint is a trail of data you create while using the Internet. In includes the website you visit, emails you send, and information you submit to online services.


When you are on the internet you have a record just like you do in stores and at you house. Say you are on Amazon and you were looking an shoes you wanted to buy. You try to compare them to another sites price and the go check on you Face Book because you think someone messaged you. Adds from those two sites are going to end up on you Face Book and you aren't going to like it. They will bother your email and you cant catch a break. Make sure to be careful what you are searching.

About Us!

Keep a clean record and don't do anything crazy because you think no one can track you because when you apply for a job they will search that stuff about you.