Andrews Termite and Pest Control

You Don't have to live with ants!

Have you been battling ants for way too long! Have you wasted way too much money on dept store products that very seldom work and if they do its only for a day or two? Tried all of great grannies and aunt bessie's home remedies ? And Still ! GOT ANTS? We can help! Like us on facebook and Save $25.00 on any Pest Control Service! With No long term contract to sign! We have never asked our customers to sign a contract because seems to me, when I had to sign a contract for a service the service always went down hill after that. Andrews termite and pest control has to earn your business with each visit ! We do recommend that you commit to a regular service whether it be Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quarterly, depending on your situation. Some of our Ant treatments we can do semi- annually , and We do offer an annual exterior ant treatment that is guaranteed for 12 months! that's right No Ants! For 12 months, guaranteed!!!

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