By London Fleming


A very serious disease caused by a parasite that, if not treated well, could lead to death. This disease is curable, if treated properly.

Accused of spreading and attaking!

Malaria is a mosquito-borne disease caused by a parasite.

Signs or Symptoms:

Fever, chills, and flu-like symptoms.

Who it attacks?

Most of the cases in the US have been travelers or immigrants returning from countries.

Weapons used against?

Many treatments are available. The treatment you use is determined through different factors including weight, age, and pregnancy. Also the treatment is determined by the severity of the disease, the location which the disease occurred in, and the species of the malaria-causing parasite.

Where is attacks?

Malaria is a disease transmitted through mosquitos. Most of the mosquitos that transmit the disease are located in Africa, Asia, or the Americas.

Malaria is widely populated in tropical and subtropical countries.

Interesting Facts:

  • The mosquitos bite between dawn and dusk
  • About 1,500 cases in the United States every year.


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How Dangerous?

This disease is more likable to infect small children/infants or pregnant women because of their weak immune systems.

Since tho disease is curable I would give this disease a 5 on the dangerous scale.