Rocket Rides To the Moon!!

For a very low price you can join us, and the future!!

Pay an extremely low price to travel to the Moon on a first class Rocket!

Now that we have just recently bought loads of 32T9-Space rockets YOU could travel to space and see the moon! Only pay an extremely low price of $10000 per person and then you and a maximum of 3 others could take the 1 day-long space flight in our comfy and luxury rocket to the moon!!!

Our rockets include such things as.......

a heated pool, fully insulated walls so you wont get cold, an almost zero gravity room so you can get used to the different gravity of the moon, an all you can eat buffet, and many games and things that will keep you far away from boredom like: pooltables, darts, Xbox 1080 consoles with many games and a 77 inch 4D TV, and many other amazing things.

I have only barely scratched the surface of all the information about our rockets and our company.

So make sure to check out our website if your interested, and remember: Take part in this amazing once in a lifetime experience and join us and the future!