Edmond Doyle News 1-12-2017

Monday, January 16th there will be no school for students in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Our fourth graders will be going tomorrow to Mt. Triumph Baptist Church to celebrate Dr. King's Day. We are so honored to be chosen to do this every year. The speaker is always inspirational and the lunch afterwards is always yummy. Mr. Cornish has been talking with his classes about Dr. King. Hopefully, Dr. King's message of peace and nonviolence to change the world will become a part of our student's lifestyle. We want all of our students see the content of a person's character-not their color.

Most of our students have been getting to school on time and we would all like to thank every parent that makes sure this happens. Your child's day gets off to a much better start when they can get started on time and don't feel rushed to catch up. We have so much to learn that we start at 8:00. If you get here at after that - the day is hectic. Nobody likes feeling left behind before they even get started. Being punctual is a gift-teaching your child the importance of it is very important. Successful people are prepared, on time, and ready to face their day. This is what we want for our students!! We do know how difficult it can be-a lot of us have children to get ready for school while we get ready for work. It can be accomplished if thought goes into the process (have backpack by the door, pick out clothes the night before, get up on time, etc). Thanks for doing a great job and thanks for improving if this is an issue for you.

Also, thank you for calling in when your child is sick and for bringing doctor's notes. Thank you for making any appointments you can after school. Thank you for making sure your child is at school if at all possible. Attendance is crucial to your child's academic success. It also sets the stage for the day when they have jobs. Their future employers thank you for creating a workforce that comes to work and that comes on time!

If your child is a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grader, we still need you to send the releases for your child to be videoed for Reasoning MInd. This is a very exciting thing for us to do-we so appreciate Reasoning Mind for allowing us to use their program in exchange for us helping them advertise how wonderful their program has been for us. Since we have been using RMCity, our math scores have been amazing with a large percentage of our students scoring advanced or proficient in math. Of course, our teachers play a huge role in this-they do an excellent job. Great teachers with great resources equal well taught students!

If you have a new phone number or a new address-please let us know in the office. We need to be able to reach you if your child needs you or if we need to talk with you.

Please keep a watch on the weather to determine what type of clothing your child needs to wear. We live in Oklahoma-it's almost impossible to know for sure-so be on the safe side and wear more than might be needed!