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When you take a bite from a crispy piece of bacon or some crunchy corn on the cob, there is a person out there who picked, processed, and transported it. These people who prepare your food are being mistreated and underpaid. “We want to pay the cheapest price for our food. We don’t understand that it comes at a price”-union organizer Eduardo Peña. There are these rooms that are called pickling rooms in our meat packing factories where the workers preserve meat. All of the joints on a workers fingers could be eaten by the acid in a second if they went into the acid. "The beef boners and trimmers, and all those who used knives, you could scarcely find a person who had the use of his thumb"-Upton Sinclair The Jungle

Even worse then that there are the fertilizer men, and people who work in the cooking rooms. "For the odor of a fertilizer man would scare any ordinary visitor at a hundred yards" -Upton Sinclair The Jungle. Some of the men in the cooking rooms would fall into the open vats and when they are fished out, there is usually not much of them left because they had been sent out in the meat that we eat everyday. The conditions we put our food factory workers in are beyond dangerous and unsanitary we need to change something because who knows, the next burger you eat could contain 50% human!

A Letter From Alice Paul

Dear future citizens of america,

My name is Alice Paul I have been incarcerated for roughly a week for crimes i haven't committed. I am the leader of a feminist organization called the Iron Jawed Angels. We fight for womens suffrage with the use of peaceful protests. As we were peacefully protesting outside of the white house crowds of angry people assaulted us for calling the president Kaiser Wilson(Kaiser was the ruler of the communist Germany) and we were the ones arrested. The courts found us guilty of disrupting traffic and made us choose to pay a fine or go to jail. We chose not to pay the fine because that would mean that we admit that we did something wrong.

I have decided to start a hunger strike to protest the treatment of my friends and myself. They force feed me raw eggs through a tube they put down into my throat. My throat is always sore now because of it. I hope that one day women can gain not only suffrage but the right to be able to do the same jobs that men do and get paid the same wages doing them."There will never be a new world order until women are a part of it."-Alice Paul

Sincerely, Alice Paul

Putting The Screws On Him

Illustration shows George B. Cortelyou turning a clamp trying to squeeze money for Theodore Roosevelt's campaign. The clamp is around a large man who is leaking with money. He is labeled trusts because the trusts are where Theodore Roosevelt got his money for his campaign

Queen Liliuokalani

On January 17th, 1893 the Committee of Safety led by Sanford Ballard Dole with aid from the U.S. army overthrew the Hawaiian monarchy of Queen Liliuokalani. The Committee of Safety, was a 13-member group of american sugar plantation owners and businessmen who. Most Hawaiians opposed the fight. Hawaii had been a kingdom ruled by a monarchy for eighty years. Queen Liliuokalani took over the throne in 1891, a new Hawaiian constitution had removed much of the monarchy’s powers. When Liliuokalani tried to restore these powers, a U.S. military backed the Committee of Safety and helped overthrow her in 1893 and formed a provisional government.

On the afternoon of January 16, 1893, hundreds U.S. Marines aboard the USS Boston in Honolulu Harbor came ashore under the orders John L. Stevens. The U.S.marines and The Committee of Safety went to the queen's palace where they fought out side for 2 days. Finally the Queen ordered her forces to surrender and she was forced to sign proclamation that annexed Hawaii to the U.S. and ended the monarchy. Hawaii remained a territory until granted statehood as the fiftieth state in 1959.

Selective Service

During the War of 1812 Samuel Wilson, a meat packer who supplied the U.S. military, stamped the barrels with U.S. for United States, but soldiers began calling the the food Uncle Sam's. In the late 1860s and 1870s, political cartoonist Thomas Nast began popularizing the image of Uncle Sam. Since they it has become a personification of the United States government. The U.S. government wants you to sign up for the army. Fight for your country and go sign up today.


Labor Strikes

When World War 1 ended labor leaders couldn't help promote workers causes because President Wilson was focused on promoting his peace plan. In Seattle WA workers in a ship yard who were on strike got restless and erupted a citywide strike.

On the morning of February 6, 1919, Seattle, a city of 315,000 people, stopped working. Massive strikes shut down the nation's steel, coal, and meatpacking industries and threaten civil unrest in a dozen cities.

After four days of being under pressure from the mayor, federal troops and unsupportive AFL internationals, the walkout collapsed. The failure of such a massive action to raise shipyard wages showed the limits of local labor’s power. The strike lasted from February 6 to February 11

Jim Thorpe and the APFA

James Francis Thorpe was born on May 28, 1887. His father was Hiram Thorpe was a farmer, and his mother was Mary James, was a Pottawatomie Indian. Jim had a twin, but his brother Charlie died at the age of nine. Thorpe began his athletic career in football, baseball, lacrosse and even ballroom dancing, winning the 1912 intercollegiate ballroom dancing championship. He was selected as a third team All American in 1908, and 1909. Then in 1910 he made the first team. Jim went with the American Olympic team to Stockholm, Sweden for the 1912 Olympic Games when he was just 24 years old. He blew away the competition in the pentathlon and the decathlon and set records that stood for decades to come.

In 1912, strict rules regarding amateurism were in effect for athletes participating in the Olympics.

“An amateur is one who participates and always has participated in sport as an avocation without material gain of any kind. He docs not qualify :

a) If he has not a basic occupation is designed to insure his present and future livelihood

b) If he receives or has received remuneration for remuneration for participation in sport

c) If he does not comply with the Rules of the International Federation concerned, and the official interpretations of this Rule number 26.”-Article 26 of the International Olympic Conference

In 1913 when it came out that he played two semi professional seasons of baseball, the IOC unanimously decided to strip Thorpe of his Olympic titles, medals and awards and declare him a professional. As soon as the news got out that he was a professional, he received offers from tons of professional sports teams. He first signed to play professional baseball with the New York Giants for six years. Then he played for the Cincinnati Reds and Boston Braves. After that he found his calling playing professional football as a running back.

He signed with the Canton Bulldogs for $250 per game in 1915. He lead the bulldogs to championships in 1916, 1917 and 1919. “On August 20, 1920, the owners of four Ohio League teams–the Akron Pros, Canton Bulldogs, Cleveland Indians and Dayton Triangles–met to form a new professional league. Jim Thorpe was nominated as president of the new league, as it was hoped Thorpe’s fame would help the league to be taken seriously. On September 17, the league met again, changing its short-lived name to the American Professional Football Association (APFA) and officially electing Jim Thorpe as the league’s first president.”-History Channel. In 1920, the Bulldogs were among the 14 teams in the American Professional Football Association. Thorpe served as the league president for a season and founded the Oorang Indians. Thorpe also played for the NFL’s Cleveland Indians, New York Giants, Rock Island Independents, and Chicago Cardinals through 1928. Although he played six seasons of major league baseball, football always remained his favorite sport.


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The Big Bambino

George Herman Ruth Jr. was born on February 6, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland. His parents were George Sr. and Kate. George Jr. was one of eight children. Babe Ruth made his major league debut on July 11, 1914, for the Boston Red Sox. He played with the Boston Red Sox from 1914–1919 then he was traded the the New York Yankees which created the curse of the bambino. In 1918 the Red Sox won their 5th World Series, with Babe Ruth on the team.

In 1920, Red Sox owner Harry Frazee needed money to finance his girlfriend's play, so he sold Babe Ruth's contract to Colonel Jacob Ruppert's New York Yankees for $100,000. Before Babe Ruth, the Yankees, who had never won a World Championship. After acquiring Ruth, they have gone on to win 26. Meanwhile, the Boston Red Sox have appeared in only four World Series since 1918, losing each one in game seven. Many consider Boston's performance after the departure of Babe Ruth to be attributable to "The Curse of the Bambino." He played for the New York Yankees from 1920–1934 and then the Boston Braves in 1935. Babe Ruth is one of the greatest babseball players of all time.

"Batting average: .342

Home runs: 714

Hits: 2,873

RBI: 2,213

Pitching W/L record: 94-46

ERA: 2.28"

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