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Morah Etty & Morah Sima

Welcome Back From Winter Break

January 2015 / Tevet, 5775

Dear Parents,

Good to have you all back from the much needed winter break. we have one semester behind us full of events and happenings and here we are into the second semester and the celebrations continue.

As you already know, on next Friday, January 23rd, we will be celebrating Shabbat Dinner and Siddur Presentation. Hope you all made your reservations as it promises to be a beautiful night for children and parents alike.

On Wednesday, January 28th, in cooperation with The Kosher Food Bank our class will go on a field trip to the Kosher section at the Aventura Winn Dixie Supermarket to learn about Kosher foods, decorate cupcakes and shop and donate kosher goods to the Kosher Food Bank. Please remember to fill out the permission slip sent earlier in the week by Morah Gaby. It is very important otherwise your child will not be able to join the field trip.

On February 4th it is Tu B'Shvat! our class will have a Tu B'shvat seder in class and then will participate in a school wide educational tour of the seven species. It promises to be a really fun and exciting experience for the children.

As mentioned before, I am stressing the importance of your support and encouragement in ensuring that the children learn and remember what they learn in class; especially in Hebrew. Therefore is is very important that they practice reading at home. They can do so at the site I have previously provided. For those who do not have it... here is the link: www.Behrmanhouse.com/student click on Practice Hebrew. I will inform the children periodically which lesson they have to practice. this week let them practice reading lesson 16. Group 2 should read lesson 4. In addition, since quite a few students have regressed in their Hebrew studies, the children will be assigned homework. Please treat this homework with the same importance given to their day school home learning. Have them complete their assignment and put it back in the folder provided and make sure they bring it back. it takes only 10 minutes of their time but can boost their command of the material learned by a tenfold.

Just a little reminder, we are still collecting for our Mitzvah project benefiting Jewish Elderly through JCS . (please see our flyer below)

We hope to see each and everyone of you at the Siddur presentation


Morah Etty and Morah Sima

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