Lion Pride

St. Helen's School News Sept 8

Principal's Message

Dear St. Helen's Families,

Thank you for another great week at St. Helen's School! We are working towards going paperless to send out information all in one spot, so please look for this weekly Friday newsletter to see what's going on around St. Helen's School.

At SHS, we have a lot to be thankful for. So many people around our community helped us when we called out last year, it's only right we return the favor and continue to serve others. EVERY WEDNESDAY in September will be $1 Dress Day for our students. The money collected each Wednesday will be donated to a Catholic School in Houston to help them rebuild after Hurricane Harvey. After the last Wednesday in September, a check with the total amount will be mailed with personal cards made by St. Helen's Students to a Catholic School in Houston.

Thank you for all your support,

Mr. Jason Garza

September Family Night Out at Mountain Mike's Pizza

Monday, Sep. 11th, 11am-10pm

5150 East Kings Canyon Road

Fresno, CA

Bring your flyer to help support St. Helen's School! Share the flyer with friends to multiply your support!

*In the same shopping center as Panda Express.

Classroom Happenings

We're off to a good start with an active and enthusiastic new group of Junior Kindergarteners. Last week we enjoyed a game board day in our classroom with our 6th grade buddies. Our big buddies gave their little Jr. K'ers lessons on how to take turns, spin the dial, move their markers, and that you sometimes win and sometimes you don't, but it's all fun. Besides the introduction of basic academics (letters, numbers, colors, shapes, scissors use, proper pencil grip, etc.) we've been learning with a lot of hands-on activities: bubble blowing, making mud pies, pouring bird seed, stringing necklaces, doing push pin art and making grape Kool-aid play dough in class. Ooo! It smells so good! The children have learned about God's creation of the world, the story of Adam and Eve, and Noah. We've begun to put bible verses to memory and we sing songs about Jesus who loves us. Next week we'll be having a tasting station (different colors of apples), and we learn new words in American Sign Language every day.

Kindergartners are learning about Adam and Eve to help us discuss good and bad choices. This will tie in nicely with the Social Studies focus of rules and citizenship in our community!

In 4th grade Science, we have been putting the Scientific Method into practice when doing our Ice Cube Experiment. The students started with the question, "Which melts faster-an ice cube on a sunny windowsill or an ice cube under a lamp?" They wrote their hypothesis, plan, and the supplies they needed in their Science notebook. We finished with each student sharing their results in a poster. It was a great time with lots of learning going on, too!

This week in 6th grade we wrapped up our Social Studies lesson about Earliest Humans. One of the interesting things we learned about was cave paintings, so we are going to tie that into our Art lesson this week. The students will create their very own cave drawings on a "cave wall." They are really looking forward it!

7th and 8th grade students have fully immersed into a new Math curriculum, Ready Math, serving as a pilot class for the Diocese of Fresno. Students are building their math vocabulary as they work together to share strategies and discover new patterns in math. They also get their very own online curriculum tailored to fit their own individual needs! We are excited to share our experience and give feedback to the Diocese at the Principal's Meeting in January!

Student-Lead Prayer September 11-15

  • 4th grade students will be leading the school in morning prayer.
  • 3rd grade students will lead the school in mass Friday morning.
  • A big thank you to all the alter servers in grades 4-8 who have stepped up to participate in mass this year!
  • The choir seats are overflowing and student musicians are joining Mr. Thornbury in playing music at mass each Friday.
  • If you are able, come join us in celebrating at school mass each Friday at 8:15!

Parent Participation Hours and Service Hours for Junior High Students

  • Come help clean the church at 8:30AM this Saturday, September 9.
  • Come sell raffle tickets after 8AM and 10AM masses on Sundays.

New Hot Lunch This Year!

Students are loving the new lunches this year!! Please help us out by using the monthly order forms sent home to place orders ahead of time to help with menu planning.

If your son or daughter is absent from school one day, we can move that lunch credit to a later date, but other special accommodations cannot be made.

Thank you for your help in this great transition in the cafeteria!

Science Camp Meeting for 6th Grade Parents

Tuesday, Sep. 12th, 6pm

4888 East Belmont Avenue

Fresno, CA

It's almost time for our students to attend Sierra Outdoor School! Please come to the library on Tuesday to fill out paper work and get more information about the best field trip of the year!!

Daycare Reminders

Morning Daycare was brought back this year thanks to the St. Helen's Foundation and parent volunteers! Please remember if you are dropping of your student(s) before 7:45AM, the gate behind the church is open so they can walk to daycare. At 7:45, students will be released to the classrooms. If you are looking for another opportunity get some Parent Participation Hours, call the office to sign up to help cover Morning Daycare supervision.

Thank you for your understanding as we take precautions to keep your children safe and supervised at all times!

6th-8th Grade Field Trip to Thinking Outside the Box Conference

Wednesday, Sep. 13th, 8am-3pm

Fresno Convention Center

A bus will pick us up from school, leaving at 7:30AM to bring all students and chaperones to the Convention Center on Wednesday. If you are chaperoning or would like to attend the conference, please register at


Saturday, Sep. 16th, 5-10pm

Largo Residence

**Pre-sale ticket orders are due Wednesday, September 13!! Don't miss this fun event!!

Fiesta Fun

Adults $25/12 & under $5 pre-sale tickets.

Adults $30/12 & under $8 at the door.

*Children 4 and under are FREE.

Entry includes dinner plate of taco, rice, and beans, or a bowl of pozole, and a drink.

Come enjoy the Canelo/GGG Fight, Mechanical Bull, Photo Booth, Bounce Houses, Face Painting, and Full Bar at this fun family event to support St. Helen's School!!

St. Helen's School and Parish Carnival

Sunday, Sep. 24th, 10am-5pm

4888 East Belmont Avenue

Fresno, CA

Carnival Happenings

We need your help! Check out grade level responsibilities below to see where you can help.

Each grade is responsible for running a Carnival Booth all day. See your child's teacher to sign up for a slot.

Junior K: Fish Bowl Toss

Kindergarten: Mystery Door

1st Grade: Treasure Hunt

2nd Grade: Planco Game

3rd Grade: Cake Walk

4th Grade: Face Painting

5th Grade: Hairspray Paint

6th Grade: Spin Wheel

7th Grade: Basketball Shoot

8th Grade: Bean Bag Toss/Football Toss

Each grade is asked to donate the following items. Please see your child's teacher to sign up for a donation of the following:

Junior K: squeeze bottle ketchup

Kindergarten: tomatoes

1st Grade: jar of sliced pickles

2nd Grade: case of water

3rd Grade: sliced cheese

4th Grade: napkins and plates

5th Grade: squeeze bottle mustard

6th Grade: box of assorted chips

7th and 8th Grades: squeeze bottle mayonnaise

St. Helen's Auction

Saturday, Oct. 21st, 6pm

4888 East Belmont Avenue

Fresno, CA

"There's No Place Like St. Helen's"

Cocktail Attire or Oz Theme

$50 per person or $90 per couple

On-site Daycare Available

Tickets are available in the school office.

Auction Baskets

Every grade is asked to create two auction baskets for this year's auction. Share your time, talents and treasures to create a unique and eye-catching basket! Contact your Room Parent for details.

Note About Calendar Items

We will highlight upcoming dates in the newsletter each week, but the monthly calendar will still be updated and maintained on SchoolSpeak.