Supporting Growth Through T-TESS

Region 17

Mid-Year Training

Mid-year teaching or administrative hires? We've got the T-TESS training you'll need. See below for dates and registration.

T-TESS Appraiser Training

Monday, Jan. 13th 2020 at 9am to Wednesday, Jan. 15th 2020 at 3:30pm

1111 West Loop 289

Lubbock, TX

This three-day training is for new appraisers of teachers through the T-TESS system. AEL and T-TESS are co-requisite requirements to appraise teachers in the state of Texas. (Session repeated in August.)

Register Here:

T-TESS for Teachers

T-TESS Overview and Goal-Setting for Teachers

Tuesday, Jan. 21st 2020 at 9am-4pm

1111 West Loop 289

Lubbock, TX

Appropriate for new teachers, this training takes teachers through the rubric, process, and goal-setting associated with T-TESS.

Register Here:

Impact Coaching will Return This Summer

Impact Coaching is a perfect follow-up to T-TESS Appraiser training to address the coaching needs I hear from administrators so often. This two-day training has you reflect on your coaching and leadership and add to your skillset in instructional conversations. We've wrapped up the first three cohorts (see pics of those Cohorts 1 and 2 below), so join us in cohort three!

Cohort #1
Cohort #2

Flip-chart Update--Now With Connections to GBF and SLOs

We have many schools using Get Better Faster from Paul Bambrick-Santoyo as a feedback structure for instruction. With that in mind, the TEA appraisal team worked with Cliff Kinder from Region 3 to correlate components of GBF to the T-TESS rubric. Additionally, I included the rubric from the SLO training for schools using that growth measure. It's always been about having the tools you need in one place, so hopefully, the revisions work to further that goal. You'll also find information about Impact Coaching and Action Coaching that can be scheduled with ESC 17 (or your own regional service center if you are outside Region 17).

You can download the flip-chart at this link! If you have trouble, feel free to contact Syd Sexton at

Always consult your T-TESS Appraiser Training Handbook for full guidance on the T-TESS process.

AND . . . the Look Fors for on the go!

I've added a little set of Look For Cards to the Google drive. Print them out on one color or more (I divided the Domains so that you could easily print to different colors). Click here to download. Enjoy!

Hey, could you remind me . . .

Monthly updates coming soon! Join this remind group or text @38adg8 to the number 81010 to join. Reminders will pace on your feedback and coaching processes to ensure a successful winter and spring of observation and feedback that BOTH grows teachers AND completes your T-TESS work.

Student Growth Measures for You and Your Teachers

The state has published guidance on student growth for both T-TESS and T-PESS. Take a look at the documentation. The agency has thoughtfully involved instructional reflection as well as consideration of time in "office" in the growth measure methodologies. I think you'll be appropriately challenged by the expectations yet find the expectations workable as well.

Click here to view the T-TESS growth guidance.

Or here to view the T-PESS growth guidance.

As always, we are here to answer questions. Email me at

Presentation Archives

DOE Conference

Click here to access the handout for the goal-setting session and slides for all sessions.


Find the files from my presentation from TCDSS over T-TESS and ACCOUNTABILITY.


Click here for the T-TESS rubric and other handouts.

AIE Files

Click here to get the "Let T-TESS Coach Your Coaching" presentation, handout, and the skill-dimension crosswalk.

Click here for training files!

The T-TESS Roll-Out Google Drive has all the files from the Unpacking the T-TESS Rubric TOT. These resources are appropriate for beginning conversations with your staff prior to orientation and full implementation.