Week To Work It!

What will you do with $150?

Let's Book up our Fall!

How does $150 cash sound just for taking advantage of the best time of the year?

Lauren Sigler and I have had a blast working together to help our teams and we thought it would be fun to have a little friendly team competition.

It's Stella Nation v. The Steel City Dots!

For every trunk you have on the calendar between September 25 and December 9 you'll get an entry to win $150 cash.

Shows already booked count! You have one week to work it to add even more! Now is the time to build momentum and book a solid trunk show schedule that will lead you through the holiday season!

**Note: for this contest we are not considering a vendor event to be a "trunk show". Remember, the heart of our business is the in- home trunk show.

Just post on our team Facebook page the hostess's name & date of your show and you'll have an entry to win. It only takes one to win but why not double your luck? Triple? Why not book 10 trunk shows this week! We will share our success on our team FB page and we will also have some daily "photo shots" to share how we are doing. Let's see how many trunk shows we can book as a group!

This contest runs from September 25-October 2. One Week to Work It!

How are you going to get started?

Check out all the tools in SDU under Circle of Success-Booking.
Maybe you'll do a 2 hour prospecting challenge, or participate in a Booking Blitz.
Lucky for you, our amazing Regional Sales Directors are leading them this week!
Check out http://sdu.stelladot.com/content/bookingblitz for all the information you need to register for one (they give away $50 in product credits!)

Not part of our Steel City FB group? Please join us:


or email me your results at schwem12@gmail.com

Good Luck and Happy Booking!

Lauren & Rachel