Abraham Lincoln

By: Lisa & Sharon

Early Years

Born: February 12, 1809, Hodgenville, KY

Education: He was a self-educated man, he has limited education and mostly learn from books.

Life before the Civil War: Before the Civil War Lincoln lived in a long cabin and landed a job as a clerk in a general store in New Salem. Lincoln stared to make a name for himself , successfully wrestling the towns bully and amazing most of his neighbors with his strength and ability to split rails and fell tree a survival skill that he developed as a child of the American frontier. Lincoln also ran for the state legislature and volunteered to fight Indians. He also became a leader of the Republican Party.

Contribution to the Civil War

Abraham Lincoln is remembered for his role as a leader in preserving the Union and begin the process of Emancipation Proclamation that lead to the end of the slavery, during the Civil War. His foreign policy was successful in preventing other countries from joining the American Civil War. He was also remembered for his character and leadership qualities also his speeches and letters were very popular during the time.

Life After the Civil War

Closer to the end of the Civil War Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at the Ford's Theater in Washington D.C by actor John Wilkes Booth at 10 pm on April 14, 1865. Lincoln was watching a play while Booth sneaked in the presidential box and came behind Lincoln and shoot him in the back of the head. After Lincoln was shoot he was taken to the nearest hotel and died and now he is currently buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery Springfield, IL. An area commemoration has been planned in conjunction with 150th anniversary of president Abe Lincolns funeral train traveling from Washington D.C to Springfield, IL.
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Interesting Facts

1. He was the only president to have a patent: Lincoln invented a device to free steamboats that ran aground.

2. He practiced law without a degree. Lincoln had about 18 months of formal schooling.

3. He was a big animal lover, but he wouldn't hunt or fish. If he were alive today, Lincoln would be running an animal shelter.

4. He lost in his first bid for a presidential ticket. The unknown Lincoln was an unsuccessful vice presidential candidate in 1856 at the Republican convention.

5. He didn't drink, smoke, or chew. Lincoln was a simple man of tastes, and he never drank in the White House.