February Newsletter

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Message from Ms. Leticia Archuleta, Executive Director

Hello Families, Students and Community Partners-

It is hard to believe that we are coming into March! This has been an exciting year filled with incredible class courses, student field trips, and practicum placements and internships. We are well on our way preparing for our move to the new facility at 6401 Jefferson. We will continue to be meeting to gather more information and ways we can support our move together as a Viper family. If you are interested in participating in our new facility committee please email Leticia@healthleadershiphighschool.org. We welcome everyone's input!

If you are interested in learning more about our new facility please click on THIS LINK

Thank you all for your continued support and commitment to Health Leadership High School!

Kind regards,


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Leticia Archuleta, LISW LCSW LSSW

Executive Director / Principal

Health Leadership High School

1900 Randolph Rd. SE

Albuquerque, NM 87106

Direct business line: (505) 328-4105 / HLHS General line: (505) 750-4547


Deeper Learning Equity Fellow

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"Every child deserves a champion; an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best they can possibly be." Rita Pierson

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Message from Ms. Caro, Director of Community Engagement

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare it today." Malcolm X

Greetings, HLHS Community!

We are proud to celebrate another great month filled with new exciting learning opportunities. Our staff is working hard with our students so they can continue to learn and prepare themselves for mini-exhibitions. We continue to work on our school culture alongside community members who can come in and allow us to grow and learn how to support our communities' needs better. Our 360-degree model will enable us to provide meaningful experiences for our HLHS community. Still, most importantly, we can grow as a family, where we value each other and take care of each other.

All this shows among all the fantastic work happening across the board. February just flew by, and we are getting closer to celebrating our seniors and their accomplishments! As we prepare to meet with our families during student-led conferences, please join us on Wednesday, March 15th, for our Spring Title I meeting from 4 pm-5 pm to review our budget and Family Engagement Policy and School Compact. Your opinion is crucial, and we want to ensure that we implement the needs of our school community, and we cannot do so without your support.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Please enjoy the work of our staff and students, and don't hesitate to reach out with any ideas, questions, or concerns.

Kind Regards,

Carolina Quiñones-Suarez

Director of Community Engagement

Health Leadership High School

1900 Randolph Rd. SE. Albq. NM 87106

505-750-4547 x108

505-620-8920 (cell)

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Message from Ms. Meg, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Hello HLHS Community,

I can't believe we are almost to Mini Exhibitions! This year is flying by so quickly. Teachers and staff are busy preparing students to present their mini exhibitions. We'd love for you to attend as a community member! You can come in at any point and stay for as long as you can.

Monday March 13-9:45am-11:45am and 1:30pm-3:30pm

Tuesday March 14-9:45am-11:45am, 1:00pm-2:00pm, 2:30pm-3:30pm

In addition to preparation, our staff attended the Ed Uprising conference on February 9 and 10 to improve our knowledge and skills. As educators, we are always looking for ways to learn new ideas and concepts, to sharpen our skills, and to network with other schools and youth workers across the state. We believe in innovation and collaboration and want to continually improve ourselves and our work for our community. Ms. Kimberlee, Dr. Roberts, Ms. Leticia, and Ms. Meg presented "How to develop a capstone" and embedded internships to an audience of educators. More importantly, our seniors Salma, Yamile, Itzel, Angel, and Omar presented out on a senior panel as the main (and only) session on Friday February 10. Our students represented themselves professionally and had educators fighting to talk to them. HUGE SHOUTOUT to our seniors for sharing their insight and being willing to share their feedback with NM Educators. We are so proud of you!

Graduation will be here before you know it, so please keep May 11 on your calendars!

Meghan Tokunaga-Scanlon

Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Health Leadership High School

1900 Randolph Rd. SE

Albuquerque, NM 87106

HLHS General Line: (505) 750-4547

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Message from Ms. Denise, Director of Student Support

Hello, all this month our social workers presented for all students about Diversity awareness. Students were receptive and participated by asking questions during the presentation.

Student Support will begin facilitating an anger management group next week. It will be a weekly group. So far, there are four students interested in participating.

On Friday, February 24, for professional development, we as staff began using "Mindful Movement" (Trauma Centered Trauma Sensitive Yoga) as an introduction to one of the treatment modalities for healing trauma. Kari Vickerman led the "Healing yoga," the only person in the state formally certified in this type of yoga. This practice will be implemented every week for professional development. This type of yoga uses invitational language, giving power back to the participants; it teaches interoception, which is the process of sensing internal signals from your body, such as your heartbeat, breathing, hunger, fatigue, etc. Student support continues to educate and train our staff in Trauma Informed Care.

Student Support has finalized a date for the "senior sunset" event, which will occur on May 5, 2023, at Top Golf.

Social workers will attend the NM NASW conference on March 29th -31st. The conference is "Social Work: Resilience in Times of Change."

Message from Ms. Cinthya, our Registrar

Hello Viper families,

Friendly reminder regarding our school hours. They are as follows:

Monday-Thursday: 8:45 am-3:45 pm and Friday 8:45 am- 12:00 pm in the building and Asynchronized from 12:30 pm-3:45 pm.

On Monday-Thursday, from 2:25 pm-3:45 pm, students have X-Block, a required elective credit. Picking up your student before the end of class can impact their grade and the work they are doing, so please keep that in mind, but in case you need to pick up your student before 3:45 pm, please come to the front office and sign them out.

Have a fun and safe Spring Break

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or concerns.


Cinthya Olivas M.-MA

Health Leadership High School

1900 Randolph Rd. SE

Albuquerque,NM 87106

Phone:505-750-4547 ext.# 103


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Message from Ms. Alyse, Social Worker

In February HLHS Senior Class and Ms. Alyse met every Thursday for Senior Breakfast Club! Thank you to The Shop Breakfast and Lunch, Satellite Coffee and Central Grill and Coffee House for the delicious breakfasts!! With only a couple months left of their senior year of high school the seniors planned their Senior Sunset, chose their class flower and song, and participated in a Senior Scavenger Hunt that took them to various locations around town. Thank you to Ms. Kimberlee and Dr. Roberts for the creative and challenging Scavenger Hunt clues!!

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Alyse Moulton, LCSW

School Social Worker

Health Leadership High School

1900 Randolph Rd. SE

Albuquerque, NM 87106


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A Warm Hello from Ms. Stella- Clinical Social Worker

A Warm Hello from Ms. Stella- Clinical Social Worker

Hello Viper community! This month we provided a Cultural Awareness Presentation for all students to help promote a positive school experience for all students. We are also set to begin additional presentations and/or groups involving topics such as anger management, substance use and healthy teen relationships.

We are also gearing up for the Youth Mental Health First Aid program that will begin and run through the month of April. This program is available to teens in grades 10-12, or ages 15-18. It will teach our students how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental health and substance use challenges in their friends and peers.

If you have any questions or would like to reach me, feel free to contact me at stella@healthleadershiphighschool.org.


Stella L. Lopez, LCSW

Clinical Social Worker / Student Support

Health Leadership High School

1900 Randolph Rd. SE

Albuquerque, NM 87106

Direct business line: (505) 750-4547 ext 105


Message from Dr. Roberts, College and Career Coach/Equity Council Co-Facilitator

It is an exciting time in our College & Career domain. We are currently working on getting students registered for our certification programs we offer in fall: Community Health Workers, Certified Nursing Assistant, and First Responders. All programs come with college credits and an official certification in that field. We are excited for our next cohorts to begin those programs in August.

Our Equity Council recently held a fundraising event called “Raise Your Voice.” Students and staff voted for two staff members to sing a karaoke song for the whole school. This was part of a larger educational event to obtain information from our students about their experience of their own education. Surveys have been distributed and collected asking students questions about their attendance, participation, prioritization, technology use, and motivation in the classroom. Our Equity Council will analyze the data from those surveys and develop a Learning First Campaign in spring providing resources to the school about what we learned.

Dr. M.N. Roberts


Health Leadership High School

College & Career Coach

Equity Council Co-Facilitator


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Message from Ms. Kimberlee Peña Hanson, our Instructional Coach and Capstone Project Teacher

Seniors are preparing for their upcoming HLHS Mini-Exhibitions, which are focussed on the research component of their community HLHS Passion Projects. Students, organized into panels, will present an academic paper to their peers and community partners. Paid internships are an important component of Semester 2, and seniors are busy getting acclimated to these relevant community experiences. The class will focus on literacy in March, and there are many celebratory events planned, including a trip to several bookstores and libraries, where every senior will have an opportunity to explore and purchase books that are aligned with their interests, voice, and identity. Several students are being placed in internships focussed on literacy, where they will hone their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills while having fun. They will have an opportunity to demonstrate a new found love of literacy in creative and expressive projects. Finally, students are designing their documentaries and once approved, they will be out and about filming in preparation for their HLHS Final Exhibition.

Thank You,

Kimberlee K. Pena-Hanson

Senior Capstone, Instructional Coach

Scaffold for equity of access.

Differentiate for relevancy, self expression, and self-actualization.

Health Leadership High School 1900 Randolph Rd SE, Alb., NM 87106


(C) 505-228-2962

(O) 505-750-4547


Holistic 360 Degree Support

High Expectations Require High Levels of Student Support

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Message from Ms. Alyson, Project teacher

Students in Ms. Alyson 's World Foodies class took a trip to Presbyterian Community Health kitchen with dietician Ana León, RDN, LDN and made a big lunch of turkey burgers, baked sweet potato fries, fruit salad, mango salsa and blue corn chips. It was great fun seeing everyone cooking healthy versions of favorite foods.

For our Guitar Theory class, Cyan De Jesus was given a free Fender acoustic guitar from the non-profit "No Instrument Left Behind", a service that puts instruments into the hands of kids who show dedication to play, but don't have access to an instrument.

If you have any unwanted instruments to donate to the school, please contact Ms. Carolina Quiñones-Suarez at HLHS.

Message from Mr. Campo, Project Teacher

In Project A:

The students, from the search for an athlete who has participated in the Olympic Games, have investigated their place of origin, city, or country.

They learn essential geographic and orienteering skills as they learn to locate cities, states, countries, and continents on maps. They learn to recognize relationships between places and how different areas are connected. Also, by studying the location of a place, students can enhance their understanding of the culture and traditions of other countries and regions. It helps them gain a fuller and deeper understanding of the world in which they live and develop a more global perspective. Locating places on a map also improves students' ability to understand the political and economic relationships between countries and regions, which can be a good skill for the future.

For Project B:

Students are learning to read food labels and acquiring essential skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They learn to identify the number of sugars, proteins, fats, calories, and other nutrients in their food. This helps them make informed decisions about what to eat to maintain a proper balance of nutrients and avoid excesses that can harm their health. Students also learn to read the ingredient list and identify food additives and other artificial components. This allows them to understand better the quality and composition of the food they eat and make more informed decisions about what to include in their diet.

Ms. Ortiz's Project Classes

Dream Makers-Live Saving Events-Pathway to finding a Cure for Alzheimer's caused by Type 3 Diabetes-Semester 2

Friday, February 24, 2023- Our Dream Makers held a Life Save Blood Drive at our school. They invited the community, students, and staff to donate blood for our local hospital. Their goal was to obtain 29/33. Our students exceeded the goal and ended up with 35/37, meaning they could save 148 lives!

Call to Action: Pathway to finding a Cure for Alzheimer's caused by Type 3 Diabetes.

HLHS Students were divided into three groups. Each group covered a different portion of the Scientific Pathway to finding a cure for Alzheimer's caused by Type 3 Diabetes.

Group One: Health-Chemical in diets-foods, drinks, processed foods, eating habits, alcohol, smoking, and drugs.

Group Two: Environment-Pesticides, water, soil, pollution, animals, grazing.

Group Three: Health Care in the Community- Access to proper medical care, medication, medical costs, and insurance coverage.

Groups 1, 2, 3, 4- Solutions and Pathway for Cure-Based on Final Exhibition- Pod Cast or News Cast Interview Community Members in specific tops of research.

Students have chosen five people and are working on research and experimental tasks for their research.

Natural Healing and Remedies/Project Insight Fellowship

Students are in an IN-CLASS fellowship, interviewing skills, learning about the Visually Impaired, and using their critical thinking in an in-depth and precise research method. Each student in the Fellowship could earn a $250.00 stipend from the Project Insight Grant based on their performance and the following detail of the assignment—anatomy, and Physiology of the Human Eye and dissection lab-cow eyes.

Congratulations to the following student who have completed the Project Insight Jr. Fellowship.

Estrella Rivas, Zuleika Marquez, Jose Duarte, Karina Esparza Daniel, Evelyn Lira, Daniela Navarro, Maria Cardona-Aranda, Miguel Chavez, Noel Tarango, Alyssa Paulino-Jimenez, Angelica Ramirez, Jose Cesario, Jesus Abundis, Marissa Baca, Andrea Garcia, Isabella Corral, Marra Murphy, Jennifer Gaytan, Braden Morales, Alejandro Astorga Apodoca, and Savannah Steele.

Mad Scientist "UP & ATOM" - LAB

HLHS: Various science experiments that contain a dizzying array of information and the "WHY" of the investigation. From the physical, astrological, environmental, and biological worlds to the empirical and chemical reactions. We immerse ourselves in experimentation and observation.

Our recent project -We are learning about NASA, the Planets, and the stars. We are learning about Mars and the Moxie matching NASA created.

Students have been learning about the Periodic Table, Matter, Solid, Liquids, and Gases. One of the many activities and experiments was the Quicksand Lab.

Delish "Science of Cooking"

I am teaching chemistry, biology, and math through the enjoyable and rewarding means of cooking. Chemical reactions occur in cooking through manipulation or emulsification. Foods are scaled proportionately and combined in a particular order to achieve desired and delicious outcomes. "Food and beverages." Solid, Liquid, and Gas, gas is the state in which matter expands to occupy the volume and shape of its container. HLHS students have been learning about the different chemical changes when cooking. Some labs included cooking rice and pancakes while learning about the Periodic Table, mallard reaction, solids, liquids, and gases.

Message from Mr. Santos

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Mr. Sonny's project classes!

It has been another eventful month. HLHS community continued to push the envelope and move the bar higher for the remainder of the school year!

Sometimes in life, you don't know what you don't know. Such is the case for many of our freshman students. Math classes are not only providing well structured and meaningful lessons but also teaching essential time management tactics, note taking techniques and test taking strategies. Beyond the nuts-and-bolts, we believe that when we invest in first-year high school programs, the returns are high.

HLHS is a personal place. Our teachers and staff care about students inside and outside of the classrooms.


Thank you and best regards,


Enroll Now for SY 2022 ~ 2023

Sonny (Diankang) Sun, Phd


Health Leadership High School


(505) 750 4547

(505) 289 6918 ( cell )

Message from Ms. Marrujo, Project Teacher

Hello Everyone,

In Poetic Justice we’ve been working on learning about Black History Month. We’ve been discussing black icons such as Fredrick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Ida B Wells, and Jackie Robinson.

Isotopes park is hosting a contest, offering 4 free reserve level tickets to the April 18 game for a student who turn in poems, 5 paragraph essays, or artwork in on Jackie Robinson.


Sex Education has been identifying consent, and the importance of understanding how to educate themselves and our community on sti’s. The class will have a speaker, Elizabeth Small, on establishing healthy relationships and communicating sexual health with partners. Below is an image of student notes taken during a class activity.

It’s time to talk Prom!!! Ms. Marrujo is planning prom. It will be April 29 at the Westside Community Center. If you would like to collaborate in planning, chaperoning, or fund raising please call or text her at 505-321-5074



Mercy Marrujo

Project Based Learning Instructor

Health Leadership High School

1900 Randolph Rd. SE. Albq. NM 87106


Cell: (505) 321-5074

Message from Mr. Zamudio

Again, I appreciate the opportunity to greet parents and students and thank them for their direct and indirect support in the classroom. In recent weeks, the Advisory group and IMP II published a couple of works together, and this is the result:

As you will observe, the artwork relates to the theme of reflections in a Cartesian plane by the IMP II students. The poster reflects the dreams and goals, which are then represented with images from different magazines. The advisory students were able to frame the poster.

Thank you again, and please continue to participate in these and other activities that undoubtedly offer us the opportunity to interact and learn new things; See you in the next post!

-Mr. Zamudio

Message from Ms. Savannah

Hello HLHS families,

It’s been a wonderful semester thus far in American Sign Language. Now that we have some basic conversational signs and our alphabet mastered. Our next task is to apply these skills by voicing off in class for the rest of the semester. Voicing off in an ASL class means we do not use our voices but instead rely on our knowledge and skills in American sign language.

For example, If you wanted to become a professional swimmer, it would make sense to spend as much time as possible in the water.

If you were only around a swimming pool a few hours per week, it would be smart to make the best use of your time at the swimming pool by diving in and swimming as much as possible while you have the chance.

Our goal is to learn ASL and interact with Deaf people and with a few hours per week, it also makes sense to dive in and “swim around” as much as possible. We will turn off our voices and lift up our hands and get signing.

“Every new language we speak opens new possibilities” - Ali Anthony Bell

Savannah Rivera

Educational Assistant and ASL teacher


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A Representative will be at HLHS on Wednesday, March 15th to talk about the Federal Tablet Program

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