Ludwig Van Beethoven

A Famous Classical Era Composer (1770-1827)

Beethoven's Life

Beethoven was a famous classical era composer who composed his music throughout his life despite of hearing problems. Ludwig Van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany on December 17,1770. Beethoven had a sweet and caring mother whom he loved dearly, but his hard drinking and highly demanding father made for a rough childhood. The one thing that his father cared about when Beethoven was a young boy was his profound musical ability. This could have been because his father saw it as a great source of income.

Later on into his adult life Beethoven became known not only for his music but for his temper. Beethoven pushed the limits of just a "temper" he had an outrageous temper that included many tantrum like outbursts. Beethoven threw hot food onto a waiter, swept the candles off of a piano during a bad performance, and got into a bitter custody battle that included his nephew. However it was surprisingly easy for him to make friends with others, and he remained popular amongst his friends an women. Beethoven also donated to many charities throughout his life. Unfortunately at the age of twenty-eight he developed hearing lose. This was bad timing because it was right before he started his first symphony. Beethoven never let this stop him, although he eventually lost all of his hearing. He cut the legs off of his pianos and felt the vibrations in order to "hear" the music. But a deaf man could not have completed such things as Beethoven did if he did not really have a song in his head and his heart. Sadly at the age of fifty-seven in 1827 Beethoven died. His last words " I shall hear in heaven".

Map Of where Beethoven Lived and Died

This is a map of Vienna, Austria. In 1826 Beethoven arrived here after a visit at his brother's home. When he arrived back in Vienna, Austria Beethoven had a bad case of pneumonia. The pneumonia left him stuck in bed and very sick. He died soon after on March 26, 1827 never fully recovered.

Beethoven - Symphony No 5 in C minor, Op 67 - Thielemann

Beethoven's Symphony Number Five

Symphony Number five is one of Beethoven's more famous symphonies. This symphony includes the popular tune "dun-dun-dun-dun" which is commonly recognized by people everywhere. This symphony, unlike some of his other work does not have a chorus and is played by an orchestra.

List Of Famous Music

  • Symphony no. 3 "Erica"
  • symphony no. 5
  • symphony no. 9 "choral"

Cool Facts and other Information

In his teenage years Beethoven moved to Vienna and even played the piano for another famous composer of the classical music era, Mozart. Mozart's prediction about Beethoven " You will make a big noise in the world" and it is safe to say that he did. Beethoven also never got married, and this could have been because he was so focused on making music there was no time for a relationship. He did dedicate some of his music to women, for example the Fur Elise and the Moonlight Sonata, but he just never got into serious relationships. Because Beethoven was that he was deaf during most of his composing life, when he was done composing someone would have to tug on his sleeves so he could at least see the audience clap for his music. But did you know he was not the only person who stayed strong through tough situations? Edgar Degas, a famous painter began to loose his eyesight in his fifties however he continued doing art in the forms of sculpture and abstract pastel. However there are few people who had as much hope as Beethoven did to continue following through with your passion even if it seems like all hope has been lost.



Beethoven - Symphony No 5 in C minor, Op 67 - Thielemann

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