Tech Talk

with Julia


Apple products must be updated. It only takes a few minutes.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Plug in your device and connect to WiFi.

2. Tap on Settings --> General --> Software Update.

3. Tap Download and Install.

4. Tap Agree

5. Tap Install when the download completes.

6. The device will restart when the installation is complete.

WINDOWS 7 - Coming to a Computer near you!

The Windows 7 conversion is rapidly approaching and there are a few things we need to do prior to the change.

* ALL C:drive and desktop files MUST be moved. We are encouraged to use google drive, flash drives and/or an external hard drive.

Some files may be saved to the local server but you must remember that your directory space will be very limited.

* All computers remaining in our building will be reimaged during the conversion. Files left on the c:drive and/or the desktop will be lost during the process.

I do not know the date for our school conversion so if you have files on the desktop or c:drive and you don't want to loose them you need to move them.

Ipod Reservations

We have 9 updated Ipods with fully charged batteries just waiting to be signed out. It's easy as 1,2,3.

1. Send me an email with the date or dates you wish to use them for your group project.

2. Watch for a confirmation email from me.

3. Pick them up from the lab, use them then return them to the lab in their respective cases.

I will take care of charging them and preparing them for the next lucky class.