Maci's poems


The Fat Cat-Limerick

There was a fat cat who laid

On a mat, he is lazy all day!

He gets up to eat,

Then goes back to sleep,

He stays there constantly!

I Can Be Your Guide-Haiku

I could be your guide,

through the floridas everglades,

sharp grass can cut you.

There Was An Old Lady-Couplet

There was an old lady who sat in a tree,

One day she fell out and hurt her knee,

She cried and cried sobbed all day,

She had to go throw her sorrows away!

She tossed them out threw them away there were no more sorrows any that day!

Spiders Are Scary-Alliteration

Spiders are scary and super stuiped sword fish

Swim swirling in a spiral,

Sharks eat sand and seashells!

The Sky-personifacatoin

The stars tell me where to go,

The fire follows me to danger,

The night sky tells me where home is,

The moon tells me when it is night,

I listen to the blue sea as it wispers to me.

Popping Popcorn-Imagrey

When i hear the popping of the popcorn

My mouth starts to water

When it is done I add everything I need.

Some extra butter and some salt not much though

When i'm done I sit down and enjoy the buttery goodnes of the melting popcorn in my mouth!

Somtimes when I am done i make myself another batch of popcorn Witch only happens when

My dad eats it with me!

Wednesday- Similes and metophers

Wednesday when i get home from school i redo my hair and eay a snack.

When i am done getring ready me and my mom drive to town when we get to town i Eatsomwhere like freddys or taco johns.

When i get to church we start class then we go to music and when it's done we go home and I get ready for bed.

Then i go to bed and have a good night sleep!