6 Kingdoms for Sale!

By: Angel Tyson - 7th period Mrs. Cox

The Science Shop sells the best Kingdoms around!

The Science Shop, founded in 2013, sells high quality things for science. From bacteria, to cells, to hydrogen, and more, you will be sure to find what you're looking for! We have high quality Kingdoms now in stock!

Our latest Kingdoms

Fungi - 6000 IQ

The Fungi Kingdom is a very common kingdom, but this is the best of the best! The Fungi Kingdom has a cell wall, is Eukaryotic, is Heterotrophic, and both Aerobic and Anaerobic. Other features include it being both Asexual and Sexual, being Nonmotile, and being Multicellular.

Plantae - 7500 IQ

The Plantae Kingdom is very important; you have to be a total genius to purchase this! Features of the Plantae Kingdom include it being Eukaryotic, Autotrophic, Asexual and Sexual, Non-motile, and Multicellular. Most are Aerobic, but there are few Anaerobic. Don't forget that it has a cell wall!!

Animalia - 9000 IQ

One of the most important of the Kingdoms, the Animalia Kingdom requires a far beyond genius to be purchased. We, humans and animals, obviously belong to this Kingdom. The Animalia Kingdom does not have a cell wall, is heterotrophic, is Sexual, is Eukaryotic,. It also is Aerobic, motile, Multicellular.