By: Anzari Juma

What does water do to your body ?

Water helps nourish the skin and keep you body at regular temperature. Water properly circulates your nutrients through out your body.

Source of water

Water comes from a municipal water system. Systems such as hydroelectric dams or thermoelectric power plants.
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W orks on everything in your body

A part of everything we need

T he basic building block of our system

E verything we need

R ight fuel for you body

What happens if you dont have enough water ?

If your body doesn't have enough water you can become sick and your body starts to become dehydrated and the fluids you let out cannot be replaced.

Did you know ?

3 million people worldwide die from preventable waterborne disease. Yet, in Hampton Roads, we can drink from virtually any public tap with the highest level of confidence.

To ensure our tap water is safe for everyone to drink, the Environmental Protection Agency requires water utilities to routinely test the drinking water for certain contaminants like bacteria, pesticides and heavy metals. Our water is continuously tested, and always meets or exceeds the EPA standards for safe drinking water.

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