Build-A-Change 2012

Make a dent in the universe

What is Build-A-Change?

Build-A-Change is where ideas that change the world are born.

At Build-A-Change 2012, students will form teams and pitch their creative solutions to real problems faced in the developing world.

This year, the Aga Khan University Nairobi, in partnership with the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), has identified 2 problems in Kenya that they need our help solving. The ideas we develop during Build-A-Change will be submitted to these organizations and can make their way into real-world projects.

Step 1: Rally up your team

Participate as a team

Teams can have 2-4 people. Rally up friends just as passionate as you. The best teams will be well-rounded, having people with diverse skills and backgrounds.

Don't have a team?

Not to worry!

Register as an individual, and we'll find a team for you, with skills and experiences that compliment yours.

Step 2: Choose a problem to tackle

Problem 1

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Download Full Problem Statement

Problem 2

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Download Full Problem Statement

Nyan Cat [original]

Step 3: You're the Solution!

Uhhhh, Me?

If you answer YES to the following questions, you're just who we're looking for!

  • Are you passionate about making a difference?
  • Do you have a ridiculous amount of cool ideas?
  • Are you ready to develop these ideas with like-minded individuals?

Register before March 11

Register HERE.

Cost is $10/team, payable at the Build-A-Change Symposium on March 18th.

Includes light breakfast and lunch.

Ready. Set. Go!

March 5: Registration opens

March 11: Registration closes

March 13-15: Chat with our expert from the field

Teams will have chance to speak directly with Sabrina Premji, our expert from Nairobi, Kenya. She'll help give your team real-world insight into the problem you are solving. Feel free ask her all the questions you have and make sure to get feedback from her about the ideas your considering.

Sabrina Premji is the Project Manager of the Integrated Primary Health Care Start-Up Project with the Aga Khan University Nairobi.

Build-A-Change Symposium

Sunday, Mar 18th 2012 at 10am

200 University Ave W

Waterloo, ON

University of Waterloo

Building: EIT (Center for Environmental and Information Technology)

On March 18th, teams come to the University of Waterloo to further develop and then pitch their solutions to a panel of experts in international development. Teams will have 4 hours to work on their solutions, get feedback from advisors, and prepare a 7-minute presentation. In the afternoon, teams will showcase their solutions in front of an audience.


10:00am – Registration + networking + light breakfast
11:00am – Keynote Speaker
11:30am – Participants split into their teams and work on their solutions

3:30pm – Teams present their solutions to an audience and experts in international development, including Sabrina Premji.

5:30pm – Conclusion + networking