Canadian teen obesity

After reading the article Canadian Teen Obesity I came across the quote "fat is the new tobacco." To be honest reading this quote is kind of shocking. First of all if you are confused as to what it means it basically means that just like how people are addicted to tobacco people are now addicted to fatty non healthy foods which can lead them to becoming overweight. That is why fat is the new "tobacco." The reason why this is shocking to me was because as a person my age its pretty hard to find someone like me. why you ask? Well the main reason is because I tend to care about what I eat. NOT CALORIE WISE! But whether or not it is healthy. I tend to eat a lot more of fruits, veggies, whole grains and other wholesome foods. Knowing that many people my age tend to not care about what they are eating is pretty disappointing and shocking. Now I'm not saying they should deprive themselves from treats but every 2 days is a pretty good range (comparing to kids now). To be honest to me getting the nutrients you need is way more important than your appearance so its not all about weight gain! its more about eating healthier. The problem is many people don't think healthy food is tasty at all which is not true! Eating healthy is not just eating salads all day! You can just switch the oily chips to apples and peanut butter or sugary chocolate to dark chocolate. Its the little things you can switch to make your life healthier. But that's not the only problem. The huge problem is that food companies tend to add horrible things to our foods. GMOs, processed sugars and corn ingredients are an example. Also the laziness our generation has is extremely insane! One of the ways you solve these problems is to use technology! If you think technology always leads to laziness it actually doesn't. Using social media to follow healthy blogs can actually motivate us. Looking at healthy food pictures makes us want to create them looking at exercise videos also motivates us. You also have a voice! Ask your parents to bring more healthy and wholesome foods home. If you are trying to exercise but you are always lazy or you think its boring. Call a friend and convince them to play a soccer game with you or maybe go out for a jog with them you can easily forget about the exercising part as your friend can distract you from it when youre too busy having fun. Or make a workout schedule organizing the days you workout and plotting different workouts down. You can also join active classes that motivate you to attend them, I love the ymca! A creative idea is to take a jar, and add pieces of paper that have active ideas to do after school so that everyday after school you'd pick an activity to do from the jar and do a different one each day! What you can also do to start eating healthy is to find fun healthy alternatives you can enjoy! So instead of kellog's pancakes i love making pancakes out of a banana, oats and eggs. I also have raw brownies made out of dates and 100% coco powder instead of the ones from a box! Make a nice notebook gathering fun, healthy recipes you can use on a daily basis. What the society can do is educate us more about eating healthy and exercising just like the ace program! Also making healthy foods less expensive could motivate people to purchase healthy items. There are many things that could happen or you can change that can lead you to a healthier lifestyle!