What It Takes To Be A Pet Groomer

By colten Mallow

What it takes

To be a pet groomer you have to LOVE animals. You half to be strong. You must be patient to. If you love animals pet grooming is the job for you!

What you need to know.

What does it pay! What education do I need! What are the hours!

The three biggest things you need to know in any job are the salary, hours, and the education/training needed. The starting salary varies by area.The average across the country is 13$ to 20$ an hour But in Denver Colorado starting out you will Probably get paid 16$ to 24$ an hour. it all depends where you live. After you start working there a while you can expect more. Most pet grooming places are open 12 hours a day from about 9 am to 9 pm. You can get this training in high school but if not you will probably have an apprenticeship.

Why groom your dog?

Some dogs lives have been saved due to dog grooming. While grooming a dog you can find things that need medical attention right away you may not pick up on serious conditions until grooming your dog. Dogs also look and smell better to pepole when groomed. being dirty and madded can also anger a dog