Jefferson Elementary School

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Upcoming Dates

Monday, October 17th - Staff Meeting 3:05

Tuesday, October 18th - Fundraiser Forms are Due!

Wednesday, October 19th - PINK OUT DAY at Jefferson!

Wednesday, October 19th - DRA Closes/End of First Quarter

Wednesday, October 19th - TAT meeting

Thursday, October 20th - Picture Retakes

Friday, October 21st - Country Day at Jefferson - Get out your boots and overalls!

It's Country Day at Jefferson!

Put on your overalls and grab your boots! Next Friday, we will be celebrating our first School Wide Special Event! The Social Committee has been working hard on all the details. For now, just plan to wear your country garb and be ready for some fun next week! Watch your emails for specific directions! It's going to be a good time, y'all!
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Active Thursdays

Every week, Jefferson staff and students have been participating in various activities designed to get the blood pumping. When Andrea Vondra is here, we have been participating in the gym with some cardio kickboxing. On the off weeks, teachers have been using creative measures to keep the students active. Some classes walked the Fitness Trail and did various activities along the trail. Other classes participated in various Go Noodle workouts or did other activities to keep the body moving. Below are just a few pictures of students actively engaged in Active Thursday activities.
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Fundraiser forms are Due on Tuesday, October 18th!

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PINK OUT DAY at Jefferson!

The social committee has decided to make Wednesday, October 19, a 'Pink Out' Day in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. There was a paper in your mailboxes today that you could copy and send home with your students on Monday! Please participate in this worthy cause. Pink is a special color for so many of us, especially at Jefferson!
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Guided Math Observations

As you know, we are attempting to provide teachers with more release time in an effort to watch and learn from one another. We have been focusing this year on Guided Math.

We have set up some time for 2nd Grade teachers to have the opportunity to watch Guided Math at Lincoln at the 3rd Grade level. I would like first grade to have the chance to watch 2nd grade, and Kindergarten the chance to watch 1st Grade.

On November 2nd, the Title Team will be scheduling and will have availability to cover classrooms internally so that we can make this happen.

SPED teachers! I didn't forget about you. Please look at this schedule and decide when/how we can assist you so that you are able to observe in a classroom/grade level of your choice.

*Teachers - schedules may have to be adjusted slightly to accommodate these observations. If you take a recess break or another subject area comes into your schedule during this hour, please modify so that we can see the math lesson and then transitions into your guided math time.

See the earlier email this week for your specific times.

Team Building Day - November 4th! Mark Your Calendars!

On Friday, November 4th, we will participate in a Team Building Day. Janet Freed is organizing this day with help from the high schoolers as well. Teachers will stay in their rooms and the centers will come to you. We will participate in one hour per grade level. (Preschool - These activities appear to be a bit over the preschool level. I will work with Mrs. Freed on perhaps a way to involve PreK in the spring.) Here are the assigned times.

8:30 - 9:30 - 2nd Grade

9:30 - 10:30 - First Grade

10:30 - 11:30 - Kindergarten

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Committee Updates

Committees will report out at the next staff meeting if there are any updates.

PD Opportunity

TEACHERS!! Here's Your Chance! Sign up now for this opportunity!

There are still spots left! Send me your name as soon as possible! You can still be a part of this opportunity!

Becky Haas has asked Administrators to share this professional development opportunity with our staff members. This professional development is sponsored by ISBE and encourages anyone who is interested to join other educators for a day of collaboration, networking, and information sharing at the ISBE Classrooms in Action conference. Classroom teachers will benefit by receiving and actively engaging in content specific information and resources supporting instruction aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards.

If you are interested, please check out this link and then let me know if this is something you would like to attend.

ESP Check In Meetings

If you are an ESP, I want to meet with you! Let's find a few minutes to schedule a time to chat, catch up, and see how the first quarter has been. Please stop by my office and set up a time. If I'm not occupied, we could even meet right then! We can keep it informal and to the point. I value the opportunity to discuss anything you feel is important, or just chat about life in general! I can't wait!

Jefferson Staff Halloween Costume Make and Take Night!

Join your fellow staff members for a Halloween Costume Make and Take Night! We will be getting together on Tuesday, October 25th to make our staff themed Emoji Costumes. More details will be coming from the Social Committee soon.

What's Coming Up?

Red Ribbon Week - Oct. 24th - Oct. 28th - Details in Next Week's Edition

Cut Score Rubrics Due - Oct. 26th

Wednesday Half Day - Oct. 26th - Potluck Staff Lunch! Check the sign up sheet for details!

Halloween Party - Oct. 31st - 2pm Parade

Teacher Talks - Oct 31st

Teacher Talks - Nov. 1st

Fall Conferences- Nov. 1st and 3rd

Teacher Guided Math Observations - Nov. 2nd

Team Building Day at Jefferson - Nov. 4th (Morning Activities)