Akela's Tales

Pack 335 - March 18, 2016

Blue & Gold Dinner

Tonight we're celebrating Scouting and all that our Scouts, leaders and volunteers have done for our program over the last year. Enjoy good food and some great entertainment with the whole Pack.

Please bring your Friends of Scouting card with you to turn in. Donations to Friends of Scouting are not required, but very much appreciated. Either way, please bring your card to turn in.


6:30 PM - Opening Ceremony/Post Colors

6:40 PM - Dinner

7:15 PM - Short talk time + Friends of Scouting Presentation

7:55 PM - Closing Ceremony/Retire Colors

8:00 PM - Entertainment with Andy Head - Comedy Juggler

The Blue & Gold Banquet is arranged by the Webelos families. We thank them very much for all of the effort they put into planning the event.

Upcoming Pack Events

March 20th 12:00-3:00PM Climbing Wall - Ackerman Sport & Fitness Center

12PM - 1PM - Wolves

1PM - 2PM - Bears

2PM - 3PM - Webelos

Tigers may sign up for a time here.

April 17th 2PM Hiking Club - McDowell Grove

April 22nd 6PM Pack Meeting - Campfire at Northside Park

April 23rd 7:30AM Prairie Path Cleanup

Meet at commuter parking lot located at Carlton & Liberty (mile marker 0 on Prairie Path)

April 30th USS Cobia Overnight

Pop Tabs

Every year we collect the tabs from aluminum beverage cans to help Gary Church in their Pop Tab collection for our local chapter of the Ronald McDonald House charity.

Collect your tabs from cans and bring them to the campfire on April 22nd. The Dens with the most pop tabs get to cook their marshmallows over the fire first!

More information on the charity here: http://rmhccni.org/pop-tab-collection/

Cub Scout Summer Camps

Cub Scout summer camps offer fun activities for Scouts such as BB shooting, archery, games, sports, nature activities, crafts, science activities, and Scout skills. Most of the camp activities are focused towards the Cub Scouting program, which allows the Scouts to make progress towards their next rank while having fun!

There are many great options for summer camps for your Scouts. Nearby day camps and twilight camps are available for all ranks, and an overnight camp at Camp Freeland Leslie is available for all Webelos ranks (including the current Bear ranks, who will become Webelos in May).

For a list of Cub Scout available camps offered visit this page here: http://threefirescouncil.org/index.php/outdoor/cub-scout-summer-camps

Finally, Scouts that want to help finance their camp registration fees can sell "Camp Cards" which offer great discounts at various businesses. The cards sell for $5 each and the Scouts earn 50% of each card sold.

Health Forms

Health forms are needed for all Scouts and need to be updated every year. Download this fillable PDF and you can review and turn it in every year.


Calling All Wolf & Tiger Scout Parents

All of the following roles are currently covered by parents of older ranks. The future of your Scout's pack depends on the parents of the Wolf and Tiger ranks growing into the leadership positions. Please carefully consider shadowing current leaders to take on one of the following positions. Feel free to contact Julie Noordhoek with any questions about these roles.

We need your help with the following positions:

  • Akela's Tales
  • Sporting Events Coordinator

Thank you so much for your help!


DEN 10 - Tiger

Luke Hernandez - Team Tiger Adventure, Bobcat, Tiger Bites Adventure, My Family's Duty to God Adventure; Ben Shimp - Games Tigers Play Adventure

DEN 9 - Tiger

Nico Ayala - My Family's Duty to God Adventure, Backyard Jungle Adventure, Curiosity, Intrigue, and Magical Mysteries Adventure, Cyber Chip, Team Tiger Adventure; Gregory Heavey - My Family's Duty to God Adventure; Ben Styrkowicz - My Family's Duty to God Adventure

DEN 6 - Wolf

Micah Rawlings - Council Fire Adventure, Duty to God Footsteps Adventure; Michael Rebholz - Bobcat, Cyber Chip, Shane Dillon - Stemapalooza Award

DEN 7 - Bear

Andrew Welninski - Fellowship and Duty to God Adventure

DEN 2 - Webelos I

Matthew Hurtado - Duty to God in Action Adventure

DEN 3 - Webelos I

William Mann - Cyber Chip; Sam Noordhoek - Stronger, Faster, Higher Adventure; Russell Styrkowicz - Duty to God in Action, Adventure, Stronger, Faster, Higher Adventure; Caleb Watson - Stronger, Faster, Higher Adventure