Basic DOS Commands

Lesley Garcia

Intro to DOS Commands

What are DOS Commands?

DOS Commands are written commands that allow you to access using Command Prompt (CMD). The acronym of DOS is Disk Operating System. The DOS Commands used in command prompt are DOS, Wildcards, and Attributes. These commands allow you to start, make, or change the files from your computer.

Why are DOS Commands important?

The answer is simple. The reason why DOS Commands are important is because they allow you to find or make changes to any file through command prompt. Also, if any situation happens to your computer, command prompt is used for troubleshooting. Basically, you can open a file or change it through command prompt.

Some of the Basic DOS Commands

Preventive Maintenance Plan

A Preventive Maintenance Plan is a regularly performed task(s) on equipment to prevent the computer from failing or breaking down unexpectedly in the function. You can have your plan by daily using your Anti-Virus software scanner for viruses to be removed. Though, make sure it's compatible to the Windows version your computer is working on and check your AV Software company website for updates. Also, it's very important that you always back up your data and files since anything can unexpectedly can happen to your computer.


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