Ruby Behunin (Ostler)

By: Simone Ostler

Ruby Bell Behunin Timeline (Below)

Ruby Bell Behunin

15 March, 1905

  • Ruby Bell Behunin was born in Salt Lake City, Utah


  • Albert Einstein came up with the Theory of Relativity

February 2, 1926

  • Ruby married Marion Ostler

May 8, 1926

  • First flight over the North Pole

April 1927

  • First son Jack was born

May 20, 1927

  • Saudi Arabia becomes independent from Great Britian

June 2, 1991

  • Ruby died in San Mateo, California

January 10, 1991

  • US Congress startes debating about Persian Gulf crisis

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Early Life

On March 15, 1905 Ruby Bell Behunin was born. She was the daughter of

Joseph Behunin and Mary Zwahlen. Ruby was one of 13 children.

Joseph Behunin and Mary Zwahlen

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Short story

Around the years 1910 and 1911 Joseph would take Ruby to coal mining

towns to sell fruits and vegetables. They would take a big wagon full of

the produce. How they would get attention is Ruby would stand on top

of the wagon and sing. Both my grandfather and dad said she loved to



Ruby went to school through high school. Then she went on to Nursing School.

She did two years of that and then became a nurse at the local hospital. She also was a nurse in California as well.

Marriage and Children

On February 2, 1926 Ruby married Marion Ostler. She changed her last

name to Ostler. They made their vows in Salt Lake City, Utah. One year later

she had her first child Jack in April of 1927.

Marion Ostler and newborn Jack Ostler

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Traveling to California and Divorce

Sometime in the year 1939 Ruby and Marion divorced. In 1943 Ruby took her five kids to California by herself. The trip took 3 days and was by bus. My grandpa says "She was a very brave woman to do it all by herself." They traveled from Utah to Oakland, California and stayed with relatives until they could buy their own house in San Leandro.

Ruby Behunin with her five children Jack, Marylin, Joseph, Micky, and Rose-Mary

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When I first asked my father about Ruby he didn't know very much about her he confessed. The one thing that he remembered is when he would see her on Christmas she would always sing Christmas Carols. My grandpa said her favorite thing to sing was Opera. He also remembers that his family used to go Christmas Caroling when he was younger.


Sadly, she passed away on June 2, 1991. She was 86 years old at the time.

I would've loved to meet her but that was 9 years before I was born. She passed away in Sonoma, California.