Friday Focus

Friday, February 11, 2015

Think Tanks

We're running full throttle now with our Think Tanks and small group instruction during Tier Time. I LOVE the great ideas that are coming from your collective brainstorming and the activities that our kids are doing during that time. I know this is new and I know it takes time. Hang in there - it will be worth it! Please do not don't allow yourself to feel overwhelmed. I can help. I can cut, I can copy, I can pay for supplies, and I know people. People that would love to help you too, so please let us help.

HOT OFF THE PRESSES: Think Through Math is up and running!

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Pod Championship Points

Continue to promote and encourage students to earn points. It means a great deal to the students, so we want to make sure we record all of the points each day/week. If you fall off the wagon just one week, it can be hard for your pod to recover. Remember - you can award 5 points/day per class for participation, good citizenship, or just overall awesomeness.


9/11 Deadline for Self Report

9/15 Math Night

9/15 6th Grade GT

9/16 Science Planning

9/16 5th Grade GT

9/17 Math Planning

9/21 Coffee with the Principals

9/22 RTI Meetings

9/22 5th and 6th grade GT Field trip

9/23 Social Studies Planning/FACULTY MEETING

9/24 ELAR Planning

9/25 Lunch and Learn

10/5-10/9 Homecoming Week