Monday, September 22

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Parent/Teacher Conferences

A couple of reminders:

1. Post conference schedule outside your classroom door.

2. Send Cindy Wiley a copy of your conference schedule.

3. Conferences scheduled before school (7:30AM) need to meet the parent at the front door.

4. Administration will be here to assist when and if needed.

5. Always start out a conference with a student's strengths and positives.

6. Instead of using the word "weakness" use words like "areas your student needs practices, more time to develop, support at home to accomplish his/her goals, etc.

Staff Spiritwear

Stitch-n-Print will have samples of staff spiritwear in the "breakroom" starting next week.

Math BEE- What's all the BUZZ!

October is Math BEE month. We know what gets students excited about learning is when we get excited about learning. Your grade level math team member will be sharing the BUZZ and how the BEE will work.

Get creative with your class! Have fun "buzzing" around fact fluency.

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Annual Staff Retreat

Arcado has an annual staff retreat each year in Feb/March. This retreat is a "team building" retreat only. "Teacher Talk" is optional. If you have been on a retreat in past years share the fun memories with new staff and encourage them to attend.

We are beginning to talk about dates and location. Please complete the survey below.

Green Apple Day of Service

This Saturday is our Outdoor Classroom workday. Our goal is to clear out the compost "mountain", take out the student benches and teacher podium, and the shed. I have ordered a dumpster and we have a grandfather who is bringing his front end loader. We will also cut grass, weed eat, etc. The day begins at 9AM. A sign up sheet will be posted early this week. We need your help! I am also trying to get food and snack donated for our volunteers.

Staff Development & Collaborative Planning Calendar through December

Teachers, the admin team has heard your thoughts and concerns. You are telling us that you do not have enough time for collaborative planning. On Friday, we reviewed our school calendar between now and December. Here is what our time will look like between now and the end of the 1st semester.

Wednesdays (during specials)- Collaborative planning- embed professional learning, application, and evidence of implementation of close reading strategies. Cluster Literacy Vertical Team members, I ask that you work with your team on these strategies and a plan for sharing student work.

Some meetings may need to be scheduled on Wednesdays periodically.

Wednesday, October 15- RBES Goal Planning with Administration

Thursdays (during specials)- Math Staff Development

Thursdays (after school)-

Staff Meetings- October 2, November 6, & December 4

ITBS Testing Meeting- October 9

Tech Thursdays- October 16, November 20

All other Thursday afternoons are for collaborative planning

October 13- Teacher Planning/Workday

An agenda is forthcoming. Until then, plan for morning staff development (9AM-Noon), lunch on your own, and the afternoon to work in your classroom.

Laptop Carts

We will reinstate Sign-Up sheets for the 4 mini-Laptop Carts starting the week of Sept. 29th. You will sign up like last year. New teachers, please discuss this with your mentor. New teachers must complete a training session with Mrs. Swafford before signing out a cart.

Lab Attendance Verification

To be sure that everyone is showing up when they sign up for a lab time, please initial by your name on the schedule that will be posted in the All Star Lab and the Panda Productivity Lab each week. If you cannot make a time, please remove your name from the schedule on the Shared Drive and send out an email letting others know that your slot is available. Remember if you sign up - show up.

Gradebook Timeline- Posted in our Community

Monday – Oct. 13th –

1. Teachers finalize grades by the end of the school day. See separate instructions.

2. Teachers must enter DDA scores. See separate instructions.

3. LSTC runs Finalized/Not Finalized report to monitor finalization.

4. Grades roll to SASI during overnight process.

Tuesday – Oct. 14th –

1. LSTC sends .pdf of report cards to teachers to check grades.

2. Teachers verify grades and make necessary changes in Gradebook.

3. Teachers email LSTC that they have checked grades and if necessary made

any changes.

4. Grades, including changes, roll to SASI during overnight process.

Wednesday – Oct. 15th –

1. Printing report cards for teachers begins with teachers who have emailed LSTC.

2. Teachers finish verifying grades and make any necessary changes in

Gradebook then email LSTC that this is done.

3. Overnight process will update all grades in SASI Grades.

Thursday – Oct. 16th –

1. Printing report cards continues.

2. Teachers keep the “good” report cards and turn in report cards that needed changing.

These changes are written directly on the report cards returned to the LSTC.

3. Overnight process will update all grades in SASI Grades.

Friday – Oct. 17th –

1. Reprint report cards, as needed.

2. Teachers fill report card envelopes.

3. Emergency additional changes to grades can be made by teachers in Gradebook. Must

notify LSTC that changes are being made and new report cards must be run on Monday.

4. Overnight process will update all grades in SASI Grades.

Monday – Oct. 20th –

1. Reprint report cards, as needed.

2. Report cards sent home with students.

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