The Murderer of the National Bank

Andrew Jackson's Presidency By: Andrew R

Spoils System

A system of almost bribery to reward those who supported you. Andrew Jackson used this system to get more voters whilst rewarding those who helped him. Some major supporters would get government jobs. This made citizens either very happy, or very mad.

Trail of tears

This is the trail the Cherokees walked when Jackson forced the off their lands. He Ignored the supreme courts ruling and told them to go anyway. Over 4000 Cherokees died during the trip. The worst snowstorm of the century happened that year also.

Killing the National Bank

Jackson hated the National Bank because of the two people running it. The one he hated most was Henry Clay for making him lose the election against Adams. Instead of waiting four more years for the bank to renew Jackson decides to transfer the money to the state banks. Jackson had to go through three secretary of treasury's to do that.
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Wow! I can't believe that Jackson just threw us out of our own lands and stripped it of its resources. He is moving us to oklahoma?!?!? Next to the Apaches!?!?!? What have we done to deserve this punishment. We acted like them, even as far as accepting their own religion. Even Jefferson said that if we acted like them we would be partners.

Discription to picture

The white people are taking the cherokee empire. The drawing shows businessmen and farmers cutting at the huge person. This symbolizes that the people wanted the land for farm land and wealth. The people in the corner throwing out the indians symbolizes that the people made the indians go forcefully


Yay! Jackson gave us all these lands to ourselves, so we can dig all the gold and wood. We're going to be rich boys, HAHAHAHAHA. Even those pesky farmers down south get a deal in the land. This is a big leap from when Jackson stopped the National Bank.