Thomas Edison

by: Andy Hutto

the wizard of Menlo park

Thomas Edison from Milan Ohio was often called dull by his teachers because of poor hearing and he had a lot of trouble in school and often didn't attend it, and soon his mother removed him from school and taught him at home. Thomas loved science and soon after his mother took him out of school his mother allowed him to set up a chemistry lab in the basement. When he was just 12 years old he started working on railroads, but through working his love for science endured and he set up a new lab in an empty freight car. one day Thomas saved a life of a child who had fallen onto the tracks when a train was coming, the father of the child had interest in Thomas and taught him how to use a telegraph. This led Thomas to invent a gadget that sent automatic telegraph signals. he built a work shop in 1876 in menlo park, new jersey where a lot of his most popular inventions were produced.
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the phonograph

Thomas Edison had many inventions but one of his favorite inventions was the phonograph which was invented in menlo park in 1977. The phonograph was created with two needles one for recording and one for playback, when Edison spook into the mouthpiece the sound vibrations of his voice would be indented onto the tinfoil cylinder by the recording needle. it was used for the recording of voices and sounds and used as a record player for songs.
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Thomas Edison found out how to record sound, and this invention led to us being able to play our favorite records and songs before there was record players or tape decks there was the phonograph. Thomas Edison is responsible for many of the things we take for granite each day, a few of those inventions are the movie camera, the light bulb, and the phonograph.