Digital Citizenship Project

Giacella W., Period 6

Digital Etiquette

Although, computers may be fun to use , their are rules you must follow when using them. Computers and the Internet aren't always as fun as you thought it was when you don't follow these rules.


Rule 1: Be kind. Even though the other person doesn't know you or know who you are don't be rude. Behind that screen its a real person and you are too

Rule 2: Don't give personal info. Across the internet people may spam you with advertisements that can be really bad. There are money thieves , spammers, and people who put bad messages on your email.

Rule 3: Protect your Profile: Only be friends with people you know, strangers could be talking to you and you don't know who they are.

Rule 4:Keep Personal Info. Secret. Don't tell anyone your name, where you live, or gender.Many people are adults trying to act as a child and frame one.

Rule 5: Don't Bully. Some people get rude messages and can be counted with charges against cyberbullying. This hurts the other person on the other side of the screen and you have to talk to adults about it if that happens.

Rule 6: Give credit. If you take the idea of someone else online that is plagiarism and that can be like cheating in real life. To give credit to the person , put quotation marks around what they said and state the author of that text or paraphrase and put it your own words.

Rule 7: Don't legally use or copy people work if not allowed. Mainly because it's that persons work and you could be sued for it.

What is Digital Citizenship and Why Is it Important?

Digital Citizenship is basically the rules for the internet when going online. To begin, rules are important and it is based off real life when you think about it, people wouldn't copy everything from other people without asking, be rude, say bad words, or give out their personal info in public. Everyone uses this to have peace online and so, others won't be sad from what others say about them. Also, the internet is a free place , they make rules because it goes against them and you cannot get anything off the it after you said what you said. In conclusion that is why Digital Citizenship is important.