Rush On Over To The Colonies

By: Madam Ashlee Kelley

Simple Similarity

Do you want a better life? Come to the colonies, New England, Middle, and southern colonies. All of the colonies have an ocean near by for good trade for example

  • Gun Powder
  • salt
  • food
  • timber
We also have a lot of job to chose form, here's a few

  • Farming
  • merchants
  • Lumber jack
  • Carpenter
Here what all of the colonies have in common but if want to see witch colonies is perfect for you just keep.
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One By One Colonies

New Englad

New England has many good thing about it! Settlements in New England are Massachusetts, Bay colony, and providence. If your a person that like's cold weather then come on over to New England. There Land perfidies many land-forms some of them are

  • Thin rocky soil
  • Atlantic ocean
  • forest
New England has plenty of job's here is a few

  • farming
  • built ship
  • fished or hunted whale
  • built furniture
But here in New England were puritans, so Catholic. Kids are required to go to school so if your kid want a good education you should come to New England. If want to follow are rule come on over to New England

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Do you want to live in the rich soil with me come to the Middle colony. Here in the middle colony the settlement are Boston, Charleston, Netherlands, New York, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Delaware as you can tell there are many places to live in the Middle colony.

the Middle colony is very warm so if you like the warmth come here. In the Middle colony they have many job's and you will not be stuck without one, here's a few

  • Iron digging
  • farmer
  • sailors
  • dockers
  • blacksmith
  • artisans
The middle colony makes wheat if you like doing that come on over to the middle colony. The middle colony welcomes any religion. They are Quakers so they welcome very many religion and are very nice and peaceful. They are very friendly so they are very friendly to native Americans.


The southern colony is awesome the land is flat with rich soil. The southern is the warmest colony i you love the warmth you should come to the south. If you live in the Southern colony you can settle in.
  • Virginia
  • Mary Land
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia
they also have many jobs here are a few
  • Farming
  • Merchant
  • Military
  • Minning
the southern makes cash crops, Tobacco& rice. If your catholic this is for you, And the southern colony is controlled by the king. If you live in Virginia you can have workers for you.
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