U.S. Midwest Region

By: Skye Dickens, Audrey Key, Leonard Garcia, Kyra Hunter

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Ohio River, Platte River, Wabash River, Mississippi River, Missouri River
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States included in the region

There are 12 states in the Midwest region. They are North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, MInesota, Wisconsin.

Plants And Animals found in the Midwest

Wild prairie rose, ring-necked pheusant, black hills spruce, Wildrose, Common Loon, norway pine, pink and white ladies, American pasque flower, American goldfinch. Animals, American elm and Bison.

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The population is 66,217,736
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Temperatures can reach extreme highs and lows. Climate is perfect for growing corn and wheat.
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Natural Resources

water from the Mississippi River
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Scotts bluff, Jewel cave, Sleeping bear dunes.
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Interesting facts

february is the warmest month.