Amount of people in Africa with AID

By Devan Schaefer

Startling statistics

1.There are 34 million orphans in Africa today and over a 11 minion are orphaned by AIDS.
2. Eight out of ten children who's parents who have died from aids live in sub Sahara Africa
3.During the last 10 years, the proportion of children who are orphaned as a result of AIDS rose from 3.5% to 32%.
4.AIDS or a related illness This disease will keep on spreading exponentially as the disease spreads unchecked.
5.Due to AIDS, African healthcare lost 17% of its workforce.
6.Since AIDS was first discovered it has claimed over 15 millions lives just in Sub Sahara Africa.
7.Out of everyone in the world with AIDS 55% of them are women or girls.
8.A study in a region is Zambia showed that 40% of midwives(a person typically a woman trained to assist women in childbirth) where HIV positive.
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African AIDS map

This map shows the areas most and least affected by aids in Sub Sahara Africa.
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How would it feel to have AIDS?

Lets put this in to a real life scenario say you are 15 years old and you just went to the doctor and you discovered you have AIDS/HIV.What IS AIDS/HIV though? AIDS is disease in which there is a severe loss of the body's cellular immunity, greatly lowering the resistance to infection and malignancy.Now that doesn't sound that bad you get more sick so more days off school right,NO this means that you only have about 34 to 58 more years to live depending on how bad the case is.Now just imagine this because about 26 to 8%(counters with most aids amount) of people in Africa have AIDS and their time is running out.
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How many people in Africa have AIDS?

How many people in Africa have AIDS?

Children-330,000 with AIDS/HIV.

Orphans-1.9 million with AIDS.

Deaths-1.2 million.