Murphy Minute - Special Edition

Zoom Conferences this Fall

Parent/Teacher Conferences via Zoom this Fall

Lapeer Community Schools will hold parent-teacher conferences remotely this month, utilizing the Zoom video conferencing app. This is the same application students have used during our remote learning period. This document should be used as a guide for signing up for conferences and Zooming with the teacher.

Parent/Teacher Conferences Day 1 of 2

Wednesday, Oct. 21st, 4-8pm

via Zoom

Parent/Teacher Conferences Day 2 of 2

Monday, Oct. 26th, 4-8pm

via Zoom

How to Sign Up for Conferences

Signing up for conferences:

At the end of this document, all of the teachers are listed by grade level with links to Signup Genius and their Zoom session.

To sign up for a conference, find the teacher’s name for the conference you wish to attend then follow these steps.

1. Click on the “” link for that teacher.

2. Select any conference slot that would like that is still open by checking the box.

3. Click “Submit and Sign Up”.

4. Enter your name, your child’s name, and your email address (if applicable).

5. Click “Sign Up Now”

6. Record your conference date/time on your calendar so you remember to attend.

7. Repeat for any other teachers you wish to have a conference with.

On the Day and Time of your Conference

Sign into Zoom for the Conference:

1. On the day of your conference, click on the Zoom link for that teacher approximately 5 minutes before your scheduled time.

2. You will be prompted to wait in the waiting room. When your conference is ready to begin, the teacher will let you into the Zoom room for the conference.

3. Please make sure your volume is turned up and your camera and microphone are unmuted so the teacher can hear and see you.

  • For parents who do not have Zoom, please visit Zoom.US to download the app, if you are using your smartphone, you can download it from the app stores on iPhone and Android devices.
  • The basic Zoom account is free. If you need assistance with Zoom, your kids will be able to assist you. You do not need anything more than a smartphone to participate in a Zoom conference.

Helpful Tips and Reminders:

  • If you are unable to meet with a teacher because all slots are full, please contact that email that teacher to set up a phone conference.
  • If you lack the appropriate technology or have any trouble signing up, please contact the school’s main office. Building secretaries will be able to assist you.


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