Liberty Drive Elementary

On the Road to Excellence

October Edition


During the month of October you will be receiving information that was gained during the recent CNA unpacking process. As was discussed in our meeting on Sept 28th, we will meet each Monday in October from 2:30-3:15 pm to delve into the data and the suggestions for improvement. Before each session you will receive a copy of a section from the feedback document that should be read so that everyone can participate in the discussions and activities.

Sharing the information in this manner is necessary for us to move LDS forward. During the process it important that everyone remain open to the feedback and suggestions and remember that we have been charged with doing what is right for our students, not what is comfortable for adults.

Instructional Walkthroughs

As discussed during our meeting on Sept 28th, instructional walkthroughs will be conducted in the coming days with a focus being placed on monitoring the alignment of lesson plans with what is being taught in the classroom.

When conducting these walkthroughs, we will make notes on the copy of your lesson plans that are being left outside your classroom door. We understand that there are times when you may be behind in what you have planned due to your absence or unexpected events in the school/classroom. Please note that on your plans and remember that these exceptions should not become the rule.

~Homecoming Spirit Week~

THS Homecoming is Friday, October 9th. As members of Bulldog Nation it is fitting that we celebrate Spirit Week with the rest of the district. Please make plans to participate in the following events Oct. 5-9th.

  • Monday: Wear Blue & Stand Up Against Bullying Day
  • Tuesday: Pajama Day
  • Wednesday: Crazy Sock Day/Walk to School Day
  • Thursday: Jersey/Favorite Team Day
  • Friday: Dress to Impress Day & School Picture Day


Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign observed annually in October. This year TCS will celebrate Red Ribbon Week Oct 27th -30th.

Theme days are as follows.

  • Tuesday: Wear Shades/ Sunglasses ---- Throw Shade on Drug Use
  • Wednesday: Hat Day---- Put A Cap on Drugs
  • Thursday: Book Character Day & Trunk or Treat---- “The Best Me, Is Drug Free”
  • Friday: Wear Red Day--- Wear Red Rally Day

~Recess as Punishment~

Page 4 of the TCS Wellness Policy gives explains the Physical Activity and Physical Education Policy. It is extremely important that anyone who is or may be responsible for supervising students during recess as well as any adult in our building understand that "physical activity will not be used as a punishment."

  • Students should not walk laps during recess neither inside nor outside the building for any reason.
  • Recess should not be taken from any student as a punishment.

The policy also states that "Each school's principal will ensure compliance with physical activity and physical education policies." We have parents who know this policy and have reported instances where the policy has not been followed. Please understand that neglecting to comply with this policy will result in actions on my part.

I know that recess is one of those things that if taken makes a big impact on students, but we must follow the Wellness Policy. Let's work together to come up with other consequences that you can use as classroom teachers.


After the most recent voting, the 2015-2016 grade level representatives on the LDS School

Improvement Team are...

  • 4th grade: Ricky Murphy & Karen Seward
  • 5th grade: June Workman & Kai Hull

School Improvement Team members will be receiving an invitation to a meeting with

Mr. Ingram to discuss 2015-2016 funding so that a budget can be finalized based on our SIP goals.


  • Oct 2 & 5th: LDS Fall Book Fair Preview Days
  • Oct 5-9th: Homecoming Spirit Week & LDS Fall Book Fair
  • Oct 7th: Walk to School Event, 7:30am
  • Oct 9th: Picture Day (Staff & Students)
  • Oct 10th: Building Open
  • Oct 13th: 6:30pm Music Program (Seward, Loflin, Hull, & Whitehair) & PTA Meeting
  • Oct 13th:4th Grade 1/2 Day Collaboration
  • Oct 14th: 5th Grade 1/2 Day Collaboration
  • Oct 15th: Parent Lunch & Learn
  • Oct 20th: School Performance, 1:00pm
  • Oct 23rd: Fall Fundraiser Kickoff, Time TBA (will be in the pm)
  • Oct 26th: Optional Teacher Workday
  • Oct 27-30th: Red Ribbon Week Events
  • Oct 27th: Initial PDPs Completion Due Date
  • Oct 27th: End of 1st Quarter
  • Oct 28th: Grades are Due
  • Oct 29th: LDS Trunk or Treat
  • Oct 30th: Red Ribbon Week Assembly, Time TBA (will be in the pm)
  • Oct 30th: Report Cards Go Home
  • Nov 2nd: IEI Visit