Coronado Returns from trip

Frances de Coronado, Spanish Nobleman returns from Americas

Francis de Coronado

Francisco Vazquez de Coronado was born in Spain in 1510. He was born into a noble spanish family and was well educated. He later wanted to explore the new world so he could find gold and claim land so that he could become rich and famous. When he traveled to Mexico in 1535, he married the daughter of a colonial treasure. He also achieved two accomplishments which were stopping a slave rebellion and being appointed governor of an important province in New Spain.

Seven Cities of Gold

Coronado heard about Cabeza de Vaca's journey across the American Southwest and the Seven Cities of Gold. He wanted to discover golden cities and become rich and famous more than anything. But he was a very important man in New Spain and couldn't leave based on stories that might not even be true. In 1539, Coronado sent Father Marcos de Niza to investigate the Seven Cities of Gold. Father Marcos de Niza led a group that was guided by Esteban, the same African slave who with Cabeza de Niza. Esteban traveled ahead of the group and promised that if he found gold, he would send a messenger with wearing a wooden cross with the gold. Esteban was gone for a very long time. Finally, a messenger carrying a wooden cross came to the group. Knowing a large amount of gold was found, Marcos de Niza's group rushed to catch up with Esteban. They soon discovered that Esteban was killed. De Niza planted the cross in the hill above the 7 Cities of Gold and claimed the land for Spain. He rushed back to Mexico to tell about his discoveries.

War With the Zuni

As soon as Coronado got the proof he needed in 1540 he gathered an army with 1,000 people which included Spanish soldiers, Native American slaves, and missionaries. They also brought along horses, herds of sheep, pigs, and cattle. Marcos de Niza led the group from New Spain through present-day Arizona and New Mexico in search of Seven Cities of Gold. When they arrived they found Native Americans of the Zuni tribe living in a town and Coronado thought they were hiding a treasure so his army attacked the Zuni people. In the end Coronado defeated the Zuni people and took over their village. He soon found out that the Seven Cities of Gold turned out to be a hoax. He later also explored Arizona and California but didn't find any gold. In 1542 Coronado returned to New Spain and felt like a complete failure because he didn't strike rich. We consider him a success though because he explored and made the first map of the Southwest. He also claimed a large area of land for Spain.