Special Moments

A Blog by Dr. John Schwartz, Superintendent

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Right before winter break is such a great time to be in our schools. We always want school to feel welcoming, like a second home. School is a place to see friends, have fun, and focus on learning and growing.

These are the weeks we feel most like home. Harvey Oaks Elementary transformed their entryway into a winter wonderland. Hitchcock Elementary warmed up with images of a crackling fireplace on a large screen. The gingerbread man was spotted running through Willowdale Elementary, and Ackerman Elementary celebrated with a two dog day.

Students and staff have embraced the comfort. More theme days have popped up across the district than I can count. I enjoyed visiting with Millard West staff on pajama day and Hawaiian shirt day. Then there is the competition of the ugly sweater. Llamas sweaters seem to be increasingly popular at Andersen Middle School. Beadle Middle School actually brought a bear sweater to me as part of an ongoing traveling sweater tradition.

It is the time of year families get to join us at school. From kindergarten gingerbread events to the choir and orchestra performances, it is wonderful to let students share their talents. Millard South’s choir, Experience, even took the show on the road, bringing the music to those of us working in the administration center.

We also see so much generosity, the giving tree at Norris Elementary, the Blanket-a-thon’s at Rockwell Elementary and the cereal food drive at Abbott Elementary, just to name a few.

There are so many special moments happening in our schools this month. I wish I had time to tell you about all of them, and I encourage you to see them for yourself. All of our schools are on social media. If you want to feel good about what is going on in the world, scroll through all the bright moments happening in our schools.

It’s good to be home in Millard. Stay warm and safe and enjoy a wonderful winter break.