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Congratulations to 1st Year Liav Turkia for his Titan Greeting Card entry!

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Congratulations to our 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year!

Ms. Jacie Moore!

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Save the Date!

Jan. 1 = FAFSA opens for senior applications

Jan. 14 = Junior Parent Information Night - Getting ready for college applications!

Feb. 6 = 1st Years Project Presentation "League of our Own" at Clark Stadium - Family tailgate and chili cook-off event on SATURDAY!

Noah and Ms. Brown on karaoke today!


AT&T Hack-a-thon was a huge success!

Congrats to all our participating Titan Teams!


Hannah Smilansky

Josh McDonald

Blake Margolis

Vandelay Industries:

Johnathan Bates

Kyle Jackson

Cody Leonard


Andrew Goodman

Shaan Bhandari

Jeremy Taitel

Om Doodiya

Shraavan Divakarla


Marcus Gomes

Nicole Jennings

Jasmin Cao

Hal 9000:

Kedar Brooks

Hank Davis

Heidi Riddle

Luke Padgett

Matthew Jamison


Luke Ritchie

Greg Carlin

Jacob Schwab

Eric Davis


Oliver Warne

David Smerkous

Eli Smith

Usaid Malik

Linnea Stahl

Paige Adams

Henry Howard


Carla Peralta

Neel Pai

Liav Turkia

Nikhita Ramanujam

We will see you in 2016! Have a joyous and restful winter break!