District PACE Observation Complete

Viking Yells!

Thank You

A huge thank you to the teachers that welcomed Dr. Gregory and I into your classroom this morning. We saw great teaching and personalized learning. Remember, when we come into your classroom we're looking for personalized learning, not tablet usage. Talk to me if you want clarification on the difference. The following teachers were observed:

  • George: fantastic job of acknowledging academic gains and knowing your learner
  • McRae: easily made connections to real life to help students gain mastery
  • Jordan: easily utilized Canvas for formative assessment. His class is peacefully engaging.
  • Atwater: using the tablets to create deliverables
  • Hough and Willis: great job progressing through the SAMR model
  • S. Davis: students were engaged in HOTS while discussion gender inequality in STEM related careers. VERY ENGAGING. That's knowing your learner.
  • Broderick: used effective grouping during her bell ringer activity. Students used choice to read (physical or ebooks), study unit vocabulary via Quizlet, check out new books in the Media Center or have 1:1 time with the teacher to clarify yesterday's objectives.
  • Norris: students worked independently on an assessment using Think Through Math. He also has an amazing choice board that you must check out.

Check this week's upcoming newsletter for photos and video of the greatness occurring in this school.