Tropical Coral Reefs

By: Isaiah Tirado

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

A tropical reef is a ridge of rock in the sea formed by the growth and deposit of coral. There are many coral reefs in Florida. In the reefs there are animals and biotic things. Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is the only barrier coral reef in North America and the third-largest coral barrier reef in the world. It varies from 2-2000 feet deep. Some other Florida reefs vary from feet less than 2000.

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The abiotic parts of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

There are many biotic things that are in this reef such as sand and rocks. Other abiotic factors are Hurricanes, sunlight, and currents. Hurricanes are abiotic factors that affect coral reefs by damaging them. Sunlight is an abiotic factor that provides light which is not living. Sand and rocks are also abiotic because they are nonliving things that live in this ecosystem. Temperature is an abiotic thing in this ecosystem. The average temperature of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary .

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The biotic factors of the coral reef

There are many animals in coral reefs. There are producers such as Phytoplankton, Coralline Algae, Filamentous Turf Algae, Zooxanthellae, and many species of seaweed. After the producers there are consumers such as larvae, benthic grazers, some corals, sea urchins, some crabs, green sea turtles, and herbivorous fish. After the consumers there is an apex predator such as a shark or a greater species. Last there are decomposers such as bacteria.

Food Web

Long-spined sea urchin Kingdom Names

Long-spined sea urchin:

Phylum: Echinodermata
Subphylum: Echinozoa
Class: Echinoidea
Subclass: Euechinoidea
Superorder: Diadematacea
Order: Diadematoida
Family: Diadematidae

Endangered Species: Logger Head Turtle

The Logger Head Turtle is an endangered species with only about 200,000 left. Logger Heads are a species of turtle with a very strong jaw bone. Humans help and harm these turtles. We help by preserving the eggs and we harm them by taking or destroying eggs.

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