People In Science

By Gabrielle Fagerlind

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Jon Bohmer

Jon Bohmer was a father of 2. He used foil to make an oven that uses sunlight to heat food and water. It takes $5 to make one of his must boil before it is done cooking!
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Diganna Figueroa

She was a marine biologyst. Every day she spent 12 hours in her lab.

She studies metabolisms. She lived in california. She is a S.T.E.A.M.

She won a batchlores of science.

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Mitchell W. Pryor

He was a teacher who taught science. He studied robots and science.

He works on robots also. He was hired on 9-1-1995. he makes $109,417 a year. He is a lecturer in Dept. of electrical and computer engenering.

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Agnes Riley

She is a computer technicia. She moved to NY. Riley likes photagraphy, skiing, watching movies, riding her motorcycle, and playing with her dog atlas!