Elementary Update, Novemember 29th

American International School of Egypt - West Campus

Cohort B is on campus, Cohort A is online

Thank you!

Thank you for your speedy action on Wednesday, which meant almost every single child was off campus and safe before the brief rain storm hit. It was short but dramatic and we hope you are all safe and well after it.

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COVID-19 Elementary Update

In our Elementary School, we are being extremely vigilant with reported positive cases within our community, whether they are members of our immediate community or close relatives. Our school doctors have an established protocol for isolation and quarantine of confirmed positive cases and primary contacts of positive cases.

Parents, we ask for your continued openness to report positive cases, both with your children and their close contacts, to Ms. Linda and Dr. Aisha and provide PCRs as soon as possible. We also thank you for your cooperation for keeping children with symptoms home until they feel better and for your quick action is asked to collect your child from school.

We hope that everyone continues to do their best to keep our community as safe as possible.

Dismissal Safety Reminders

Parents who instruct an older sibling to collect younger children are requested to emphasize the importance of keeping the younger children safe at all times when they are in their care, especially after leaving campus.

If you have been given a dismissal card with your child's name on it, please bring it with you at dismissal time to speed up the process.

Reminder of Dismissal Times:

Grade 1

Dismiss at 2:30pm from Gate 2

Grade 2

Dismiss at 2:30pm from Gate 1

KG1 & KG2

Dismiss at 2:40pm from Gate 3

Grades 3

Dismiss at 2:50pm from Gate 2

Grade 4

Dismiss at 2:50pm from Gate 1 or 2

Grade 5

Dismiss at 2:50pm from Gate 1


Kindly note that you are responsible for notifying our transportation department no later than 1:30 PM of all changes involving students riding a car or riding the bus. Please contact the transportation department by email (transportation@aiswest.com) or email Transportation Manager; Mr. Mohamed Abbas, (mabbas@aiswest.com) or by phone (02 38540670) - (02 38540671) . From 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

* Busses will leave at 03:05.

Changes to riding the school bus and cars at end of school day:

Such messages need to be communicated to our transportation department no later than 1:30 p.m. (by email and with student ID number).

If parents call after 1:30 p.m., the information cannot be relayed in a timely manner to their child’s teacher, potentially creating a difficult situation.

Leaving School early:

Parents need to contact: (No later than 12:00 PM)

Parents who desire their child/children to be dismissed early, for medical reasons or for an urgent appointment, are required to send an email explaining the reason and the time for early dismissal.

Please make sure you send an email before noon (before 12:00).

The student is to be checked out from the main gate area by the parent or parent designated adult. We also ask you to designate a time that does not disrupt a lesson. Please note, your child will not be released from their class until you arrive at school, so please plan to arrive in plenty of time.

Where possible, please plan any appointments during the weekend or during your child’s holidays, unless it is urgent as we aim to maximize students’ learning in school.

  • • Middle School : rsherif@aiswest.com Ms. Reham Sherif (Middle School Administrative Assistant) in all cases by email.
  • • High School : ishehata@aiswest.com; Ms. Inas Shehata (Secondary Administrative Assistant) in all cases by email.

Please complete the correct permissions for your children to leave with someone other than their parents. This includes drivers, nannies, aunts, etc.. We will not allow children to leave with someone we don't have permission from you to allow.

The form has been emailed to you previously. A hard copy from the form should be handed to the security with a hard copy of ID.

**(Even if you already submitted the document last year, you need to fill it again). **

Masks ARE required, make sure your child has them on when they arrive at school and they should have at least one extra one with them. Please also wear one when you arrive to collect your child.

Please send either a lunch or lunch money with your children. We will not be providing free lunches. You can add money to your children's lunch card from 9-11 every day.

A reminder that we cannot deliver items to your child during the day, so please make sure they have everything when them when they arrive on campus.

Parent strategy of the week: Have your student tell you a "story."

One great way to introduce kids to literacy is to take their dictation. Have them recount an experience or make up a story. A typical first story may be something like, “I like fish. I like my sister. I like grandpa.” Write it as it is being told, and then read it aloud. Point at the words when you read them, or point at them when your child is trying to read the story. Over time, with lots of rereading, don’t be surprised if your child starts to recognize words such as “I” or “like.” (As children learn some of the words, you can write them on cards and keep them in a “word bank” for your child, using them to review later.)