Diego Maradona

Biography by: Christian Pavon

Diego Maradona childhood

Diego Maradona was born on October 30,1960 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Diego was the fifth out of eight child his parents raised.

They were raised by Diego Sr. and Dona Tota, but he was poor but he received his first soccer ball when he was 3 years old. When he was 10 he joined a youth soccer team for the Argentina Juniors one of the best teams in the Argentina he was good he lead his team unbeaten for 136 games. He made it professional for the senior team before his 16th Birthday.

What Diego Maradona Overcame When He Was A Professional

When Diego became a professional he lead his team big, but besides that he lead his team to success including teams in Argentina,Italy, and Spain. He played midfield so he can assist and score i picked him because I play midfield too and that he's from Argentina and my dad's from Argentina so which means that half Argentina so to share that Diego had a effect to everyone in Argentina was one of the best of all time.I would describe Diego by fearless,hard-working,tough,determined, and powerful.

Did He Have A Negative or Positive effect

Diego I think had a positive thought on soccer because he did good for his country and clubs. He's one of the best of all time to me. The effect that he did was scored more goals then anyone during the time he got records for Barcelona which I think he played the best at. I learned that he did drugs when he got older which is bad for your health so he has trouble in his older life.

1986 Fifa World Cup

Diego was the best at the the Fifa World Cup he had five assist and five goals including his famous hand of god. In the game vs England he had the two goals, the first goal he overcame this obstacle by scoring with his hand which was a rick, but they didn't see it but at the after game he said that it was the hand of god. His second goal was all most the same he past all the defenders and past the goalie. But after he won the Fifa World Cup in 1986 it change his life for ever because now he as one of three that Argentina has.

1990 and 1994 Fifa World Cup

In 1990 after winning in 1986 he played anther world cup they barely made it to the second round, because during there first round they didn't play good but they made the second seed for the round of sixteen. They were going to go against there reval Brazil they won that game one to zero because of diego assist to Claudio Caniggia. In the quarter finals vs France they tied at the end of the game, so they went to penalty kicks they won , but Diego missed his penalty kick but Argentina still won. So now they get to go to the finals vs West Germany they lost because of of a penalty kick on the eighty fifth minute.

In 1994 it's going to be Diego last Fifa World Cup in the USA he got to play in two games by Boston but only scored he only in one game vs Greece, but after that he failed his drug so he can't play anymore games in the Fifa World Cup in 1994 and that ended his career for International with Argentina