Keriana Calderón

Keri's life as a reader and writer

Name a book that you love and give a brief explanation of why you love it?

The boy in the striped pajamas because it showed me two different people that were affected by the Holocaust.

Do you prefer reading on paper, or on ebooks/ Kindle/ iPad? Why?

I prefer reading on paper because I like to physically turn the page and while reading my eyes don't start to hurt.
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What is your favorite genre or topic to read about? Why?

Fiction because it lets my creative side believe in the unbelievable.

If you had to turn into an animal for the rest of your life, what animal would it be and why?

I would become a puppy because I love dogs so much (I have 2) and I would would be loved by my owner,since a dog is a mans best friend. And I would be so adorable like all puppies.

Have you ever been on an airplane? Where's the best place you have traveled to?

Yes, I have been on an airplane and I have to say I love being on them. The best place I have ever been to is Puerto Rico since it's so tropical, the plane ride is so long, and I have great memories there.