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4 Vehicles That Would Look Great in Candy Paint

So, you’ve been doing research on different types of paint jobs for your vehicle, and you want to know which ones would best fit your vehicle. One of the types of paint jobs that you may have come across is done with a type of auto paint that is called candy paint. Candy paint colors are incredibly varied, and can actually make a number of different vehicles look really awesome. Here are four vehicles that look great with a candy paint job.

1. Mustangs. Mustangs are classy looking cars as it is, but a lot of people like to step it up somewhat with a great looking paint job. Due to their sleek look and their general popularity, a candy paint job is a natural choice for you to consider. Who hasn’t dreamed about having a candy apple red Mustang before? Live out that dream with an awesome candy paint job.

2. Jaguar Sports Cars. Jaguars are the pinnacle of class and wealth. They’re expensive cars, but they are sleek and their bodies are perfect for glossy paint jobs. If done correctly, a candy paint job can actually step your class up even more than it already is. I bet you didn’t even realize that you could be classier than you already are, did you? Step it up with some wild colors and you’ll be sure to turn the heads of almost everyone that you know. Side note: candy paint detailing looks awesome on both Mustangs and Jaguars, too.

3. VW Beetles. This may seem a little out of place, but hear me out on this one. Beetles (affectionately known as “punch bugs”) can be classy in their own way. They have a certain level of charm that you can’t really find in any other car. While you may want to be careful as to what candy paint colors you use on your Beetle, if you pick the right colors, you can actually get a pretty neat effect from them. Most people suggest that you use brighter tones (blues, reds, yellows) on a candy paint job for a Beetle; avoid darker colors like purples, deep reds, and dark oranges.

4. Small SUV’s. Small SUV’s have just the right amount of area to make a well-done candy paint job look pretty awesome. Larger SUV’s can look a little gaudy when painted with candy paint, but smaller ones can add a level of class. Now, of course, if you’re driving it around on the back roads and such you may want something a little more durable (enamel paint, etc), but all in all, candy paint can take your SUV from “nice” to awesome.

So, if you have any of these vehicles and you want to give them a nice paint job, then you are good to think about the possibility of candy paint. candy paint can give your car that life it’s been looking for, and it just looks awesome as well. Talk to a detailer or painter to get more information and to start the process of getting an awesome candy paint job. go to for acquiring best quality candy paints colors.

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