Why's the 4 amendment needed?

Your right to privacy from the Government.

The fourth amendment protects people against unreasonable searches.

They can't search houses,people,paper,effects.What if police officers just search your stuff just because they want to.There's need be a good reason to be searched.For example: there's a good reason to be search if you look like you have weapon.

The fourth amendment protects us from unreasonable seizures.

Police officers should not arrest you for something you didn't do.Imagine the police officers took away your parents for no reason.Police officers can't take you away for no reason.For an example: they shouldn't give unreasonable seizures unless you do something that may harm someone or something else.

The Patriot Act took away our privacy.

The Patriot Act violates our privacy.It not fair that the government take away our rights.The Patriot Act violates our Email messages and library records.For example: the government is not allow to check our stuff, only if they have a good reason.

In conclusion,the fourth amendment is important because it protects our privacy.