beYOUtiful PURSE~onalities

News you can use! September 2013!

Who's dreaming Big?

Top PV:

1. Staci Miller: $1,717.00

2. Veronica Miller: $1,334.50

3. Jen Guerrero: $1,104.00

Most Parties:

1. Staci Miller: 3

1. Jen Guerrero: 3

2. Veronica Miller: 2

Top Recruiter:

Melissa Edmonds: 1

Jen Guerrero: 1

Veronica Miller: 1

My Stats:

PV: $3,724.00

Parties: 5

Recruits: 0

Staci's tips on how to PARTY BIG!!

Be sure to reward your hostess by presenting her with a gift at the beginning of her party. Staci purchases items from our outlet sales. She also gives a door prize at each party! People love to WIN even if it's just a $5.00 Key Fob. She will also entice her guests to fill out the customer care sheet (she uses this as opposed to just an order form) COMPLETELY by entering them into a drawing for free shipping or free personalization! You can't follow up with your customers if you have no way to contact them! Get the phone # and e-mail addresses!!

Who's new?

Please reach out to welcome the newest members of our team:

Lindsay Machado

Christine Whelan

Kristine Macabare

We are so excited that you have walked through the door of opportunity with us!

What's New on TOT?

1. Be sure to refamiliarise yourself with the Guidebook! The updated version is available now for you to review and goes into effect on October 1st. I would encourage each of you to re read the entire guidebook and pay special attention to the sections regarding social media.

2. The Megaphone has returned for Fall! You will NOT see it in the catalog but be sure to promote it to all those CHEER moms out there! You can print the Fall Personalization Guide for more info.

3. There have been some exciting enhancements to our "" websites! Hostesses and Potential Recruits can link directly to information pertinent to them from your website! You can visit your own website to check this out! (do not log in as a consultant to do so)

4. The September Success Planner is now available. This is where you can get important dates reminders, helpful hints and training on how to have a successful month! Schedule time every week to listen to or attend a training presentation!


Starting October 1st you can get a Care Ribbon in any thread color available in the Fall catalog. Check out the Care Ribbon Guide in the toolbox on TOT. As party of Thirty-One Gives, we will donate $0.31 from every purchase made to an organization that supports the empowerment of women and children.

Important dates and other info:

*September 11th-26th: Register to attend a C&C meeting in October. I will be co-hosting will Debbie Callens again in Slidell and then she will co-host with me on October 26th at 11am at Uncle Joe's Pizza in Pass Christian (back of Diamondhead). I hope to see all my local ladies there!

Thirty-One is more than just a company!

Thirty-One offers more than great bags and the opportunity to make money. We offer sisterhood, time with friends, and the chance to become part of a family. Over the past year (I joined on 8/24/12) I have met wonderful new friends, become closer to some old friends, witnessed generous acts of kindness, and now truly believe I was lead to 31 for a reason. My six year old daughter, Ashtyn, passed away on August 28th, 2013. In the weeks prior to her death, we received many gifts of prayer, gift cards, and supplies from women I have never met. I am proud to be a Thirty-One consultant and I look forward to the day I can pay forward the kindnesses bestowed upon my family during this difficult time. Please know that I appreciate each one of you. When you are sharing this opportunity with your guests be sure to tell them that we are more than great bags!!


1. Please fill out and return the All about Y-O-U document. Need me to send it again, no problem, just send me an email!

2. Check TOT daily for updates.

3. Write down your goals, both short and long term, and read them daily! Send them to me so I can not only help you achieve them, but celebrate you when you do!

4. I am still offering Boot Camp, 31 style! Contact me to get started today!