By Anuj Thakkar

The Protist

The Protist

The Protist, what interesting creatures. A protist is a single celled or a unicellular organism that obtains nutrients in different ways. Protist can be either heterotrophic (eats by consuming other food or hunt) and autotrophic (creates their own food)

The Four Musketeers

The Types of Protists

Their are many protist that do many different things. Well we don't have room for ten, so here are four protists that are more popular then the others. The Amoeba, The Euglena, The Paramecium, and The Volvox.

The Amoeba

One of the simplest living organism is the Amoeba. The Amoeba is a unicellular creature that usually lives in water. This protist is part of the Protista Kingdom. This word comes from many amoibe. These amoebas get their food by surrounding itself with tiny food particles (algae, protozoa, metazoan, etc.) and then engulfs it in a bubble-like food vacuole. The Amoeba moves with a false foot called pseudopod. These amoeba creatures reproduce asexually or with binary function. In times of drought, the amoeba turns into an asist (a shell like creature) to help it survive.

Parts of the Amoeba

-Nucleus: This organelle is like the controller. It contains the DNA and controls what other organelles do.

-Contractile Vacuole: This organelle's job is to pump put extra water so that the amoeba does not burst

-Food Vacuole: This organelle digests and takes out food that is consumed and obtains its nutrients from this process.

-Ectoplasm: This is the clear gel like substance near the cell membrane

-Endoplasm: This is the dark gel like substance in the interior of the amoeba.

-Membrane: This is the flexible "spine" that allows the amoeba to change shape.

-Pseudopod: This organelle allows locomotion for the amoeba, and it acts as a "false foot"

Amoeba in motion

The Euglena

The Euglena is a unicellular protists. They are Classified in the Protista Kingdom and Phylum Euglenophyta. This guy gets its food by the process of photosynthesis (makes sugar with organelle chlorophyll). They also move with a organelle called flagellum. These little guys reproduce with the process of mitosis. When theses guys need food their eyespot helps detect light for photosynthesis.

Parts of Euglena

-Nucleus: This organelle controls other organelles with DNA or genetic material

-Contractile Vacuole: This organelle excess waste and due to the fact of osmosis, if it didn't do this, it would explode

-Eyespot: This organelle helps the organelle detect light for photosynthesis

-Chloroplast: This organelle captures the sun's rays and converts it into sugar (photosynthesis)

-Cytoplasm: This is the gel like fluid that fills the Euglena

-Flagellum: This organelle loco motes the Euglena


The Volvox

The Volvox is made up of unicellular colonies. These guys are make their with chloroplast. The Volvox moves with two flagellum and they reproduce by bursting open daughter colonies. To protect it, they move in colonies of thousands

Parts of Volvox

-Individual Cell: Cells that make up the Volvox.

-Daughter Colonies: Colonies of young algae, ready to burst from parent

-Parent Colonies: Colonies that give birth to daughters.

Volvox close up - Flagella movement

The Paramecium

The is a unicellular protist that is part of the Protista Kingdom. It collects food with its cilia and its oral groove. The Paramecium moves with cilia. The protist reproduces with the process of conjugation. When threatened they shoot trichocysts (string like projectiles) at the predator.

Parts of Paramecium

-Micro and Macro Nucleus: Controls organelles with DNA

-Contractile Vacuole: Takes out waste that is harmful

-Pellicle: Outer membrane of Paramecium

-Mouth Pore: The Organelle that digests the food

-Trichocyst: String like projectiles

-Ectoplasm, Endoplasm: The gel like fluid in the paramecium

Paramecium eating pigmented yeast

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