Chaotic Narcotics


Drugs Gone Too Far

13% of students interviewed at Coppell High School in a survey this month answered that “if I saw one of my friends using drugs, I would join him or her in taking drugs.” Many high school students in America take drugs too lightly, whether they see their friend using narcotics or using drugs themselves. Drugs are very dangerous and one of the leading addictions among teens today. Too many teens go conspicuously unnoticed while using drugs and it has gone too far. Teenagers all around the country need to step up and help alleviate drug usage in America.
A survey made by Ryan Liese was given out to students in CHS through Twitter. This survey was completely anonymous and 100% credible. These students answered questions like “Have you ever done drugs?” and “Have you ever seen your friends do drugs?" 30% of students said that they have done drugs and 60% of students say they have seen a friend do drugs. These numbers are outrageously high and something has to be done in order to get these numbers lowered. Students themselves need to take action even if it means confronting their friend and letting him or her know about the dangers of drugs. Drugs are at times taken way too lightly, and the student body as a whole needs to step up and help rid CHS of this problem.
Some Basic Facts about Drugs

For Adults:

Teachers and parents need to understand that as adults, you all are the role models for your kids ands students. It is your job to realize that kids look up to you and that you are setting the stage for some of the decisions that they will make. Decisions such as doing drugs is something that unfortunately lingers within the walls of CHS. Parents, teachers, and all other adults of the Coppell Community need to come together and help raise awareness about this ongoing problem. You all are the leaders of this community and we need your help in order to eliminate drug use at Coppell High School.
PSA for MUHS Teens Against Prescription Drug Use; Health Class Project


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