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Happy New Year

Welcome back. I hope everyone had a restful and relaxing holiday. One of the greatest gifts for me this holiday season was being reminded how fortunate and blessed I feel to be part of the A.B. Combs family. Thank you for the love and support you have given to one another during the past few weeks.

A new year offers opportunities for new beginnings. Please spend time today reviewing our Code of Cooperation, class and school mission and vision statements and the A.B. Combs “way”. I am sure some of our students will need reminding of how we do business at Combs.

One of the greatest things about the month of January is setting and reviewing goals. Please take time this week to make sure all leadership notebooks are up to date.

Reviewing class WIGS and scoreboards are a great way to get students motivated for the new -year. Remember the more passionate and consistent you are with this process the greater the results.

Sean Covey says that the best way to teach goal setting is to model your own goals and action steps for others. Please consider teaching this process by setting your own WIGS and action steps for the children to see.

We have a BIG Day tomorrow with students presenting our school’s chicken coop project to a team of judges at the Research Triangle Park. It is a mini version of the Shark Tank. Our students have worked very hard and even came in over the holidays to practice.

Please congratulate the participating students:

Alex Winslow

Celia Neter

Lainey Beamish

Isabella Clark

Sarah Rhaibhat

Aidan Beamish

Aaliyah Cuales

Kayla Williams

Sophia Hardy

Special thanks to Chelsea and Jason who have spearheaded this project. Our children are adorable and we hope to tape their presentation and show it at our next faculty meeting. Keep your fingers crossed that we come home with the big prize of $3000.00 for our project. We have already won 1,000.00 for being one of the 4 schools to present. The winner takes home $2,000.00 more dollars for their project.

I have a very busy schedule this week with meetings and appointments right afterschool. Please let me know if you need anything at all. I am out today and at the World Café on Tuesday morning but will be in the rest of the week.

Just a hallway displays will be here before you know it! As indicated on the master calendar, current displays are to stay up until the afternoon of January 22nd. New displays should be up by Friday, January 29th. The new displays should have a heavy focus on creativity and innovation. Please have your grade level team submit a sketch of your hallway display design to Juley by Wednesday, January 13th!

Case 21 testing will take place during the weeks of January 11-15 and January 25-29. We will need all available teachers and instructional coaches to administer tests on January 12 and 13 and January 26 since these are days with the most separate settings. Remember, proctors are not used for Case 21 as it is not a secure assessment. Please look for a schedule with separate settings on Wednesday. Let Cortney know if you see any conflict with settings or if students’ accommodations are not reflected in the schedule.

January 12: Reading grades 3, 4, and 5

January 13: Math grades 3, 4, and 5

January 14 and 15 makeups will be given as needed

January 25: Reading grade 2

January 26: Math grade 2 and Science grade 5

January 28: complete all remaining makeups

The mClass window is open from January 6-29. The Intervention Team will be conducting the sweep from January 6-20. In order to run on schedule (refer to the times in the email with the link to the CommuniGATOR) be in your classroom, prepared to begin on time. Please make sure you are not providing whole group instruction when the Intervention Team comes for the sweep. Have students working either independently or in stations. If grades 3-5 have switched classes during the time of the sweep, please know that students may be pulled from either class.

The TRC portion of the mClass assessment will be completed using NON-FICTION. Non-fiction written comprehension sheets are in the bookroom. Please only take what you will need for a day a two at a time. Remember to assess under MOY, not EOY. If you have any questions regarding the TRC assessments or the sweep, please see your grade level contact from the intervention team. Thank you so much for you help and cooperation to make the MOY assessment successful!

Upcoming Events


January 4

  • Happy New Year!

January 5

  • World Cafe Presentation
  • BT Meeting @ 3:30

January 6

  • Magnet Mini Fair
  • BT Paperwork Due

January 7

  • Happy birthday, Shawn!
  • Magnet Tour (9:30)

January 8

  • IRT Meeting (Cortney Off-campus)
  • Renee's Baby Shower (3:30-4:30)
  • Children's Chat

January 11

  • Parent Academy (6:30-8:00)

January 12

  • Case21 Reading
  • Central Area Principals' Meeting
  • Magnet Mini Fair

January 13

  • Case21 Math
  • Magnet Tour (9:30-10:30)

January 14

  • Science Fair
  • Magnet Coordinators' Meeting
  • STEM Night
  • Clubs

January 15

  • Early Release
  • End of Quarter

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